Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All-Rounder Blogger

This is my third post today.

In three different blogs.


I have homework waiting for me.

And yet, here I am.


Where’s everyone.

Why am I talking to myself.

Why noone online.

Probly cause it’s only 6.40pm.

Okay I go do homework.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Lembing : Day 1 : BONUS! pg13xx18&aboveSGSX Special Features yeahhhhh.

Okay. –.- So. I just received the pictures from Yong’s, SherWen’s and PeiChing’s cam! (Y)

Sadly, i’ve already blogged bout Day 1 (N)

But, if i skip these pics, the Day 1 post feels darn incomplete.

I could have posted more pics like….









IMG_0006 IMG_9976 IMG_0053



Yano. Yeah. (: So here, are some other Day 1 stuffs.


Awww. (:


I’m telling you, its like the ‘SK spirit’ behind ZF. Following him wherever.


YOU SEE. Creepy.

IMG_9961 IMG_9972

Dinner table (:

IMG_0024 IMG_0025

Jimmy studying? Nah. Posing. Hahahah.

IMG_0045 IMG_0043

While waiting for everyone else before the movie, we entertained ourselves with Youtube! Yeahhh. Got connection. But super slow-.-


“I love Oreos!” :D:D


NO! Stop feeding her Oreos!”

SK sadsad.


“Dude, I eat all the Oreos I want. Peace.”


I fully support you, SuKheng!

This is fun, putting captions (:(:


Getting ready and comfy for movie time!


To watch DMTH through that puny TV screen.

 IMG_0109 IMG_0110

Midnight snack/supper of Ramli burger!


And. Me and my pear. Sk had one too. Did I mention I brought like damn a lot of fruits? Hahaha. (Y)


…The time we slept? The time we woke up? Nah i think we woke up at 5 right. 5 something. Eh wait, thats Day 2 story. KAY THE END. Again.

And so. Thats all for now peeps.

Goodnights! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009



Yeah right as if I’m gonna blog bout Lembing.

Oh Teck Jenn,


Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ultimate CHOSEN One.

Hi people i’m back :D Like, after so long, i’m here again(:

My finals are overrrrrrrrr! I have 2 weeks break now! :D awesomeness.

I just finished my paper today, and because i’m ever so awesum, i’m going to blog. about…


So like, if anyone was blogging it halfway and my post got published first……Aww wtheck, no one’s blogging bout it lah. Worry for nuts.

Enough blabbering. Let’s begin, shall we? (:


SO, on a lovely Friday afternoon 3rd July 2009 – Day 1.

Gathered in our beloved school SMKBUD(4), and off we went to SuKheng’s house to pick her up!

DSC04816 Say hello to the new? TanZhenFeng in style. With my shades :D Ever so ready to pose for the camera.

So the three of us, SK ZF TJ sat in MH’s awesome car. Whereas…others sat in Philip’s and CH’s.

The Journey!

DSC04817 DSC04819

Told you he was forever ready to pose. Sucha poser now(: Yeh i took these shots through the mirror at my side, and managed to include MH! :D

Please brace yourself for the next few shots.

DSC04823 DSC02569

Woman who brought her law book to study but left the book in the hot car till the plastic cover deformed(:

DSC02579 DSC02580

Yeah wei. ZF? Hahahah.

DSC02593 DSC02601

I so nice i cut you guys some slack and post more pics of you.

DSC02600 DSC02599

BUT NOT ANYMORE. Here’s awesome me and MH.


HAHAHAHAHAH (Y) YeohSuKheng’s masterpiece.

DSC02577 DSC04828

The road to Lembing.

DSC02584 DSC02607

Pit stop! And, someone’s feet on MH’s car window. :O

AND THEN RIGHT. We finally reached :D Did we go for dinner first? Or checked into our “hotels” first? I can’t remember –.- So our “hotel” was a cozy little house, okay not little, but it was nice(: Very homey.

AND I GOT TO SLEEP ON A DOUBLE DECKER BED! Been so long since I last slept on one. My old double-decker is in my gramma’s house! Which i sleep on whenever i stay over(:

I slept on the bottom bunk, and…according to my other fellow friends, jimmy slept “on top of me”. :l

Hi Jimmy ;D ahahahaha.

Then, we went out for dinner!

IMG_2972 IMG_2973

The place.


Kononnya wear green.

IMG_2976 IMG_2977

WanTanHor and Ketchup Noodles!

Eat eat eat. Then went back to our cozy house-hotel. Some bathed and some……

IMG_2982 IMG_2980

…camwhored(: ZF wanted the toilet door closed ;)

IMG_2985 DSC08983

There :D Sorry Med’s face :l

Everyone got cleaned up and, did we watch movie on the first night? :l Yes we did, i think.

This is what happens when you blog late –.-

We watched, DRAG ME TO HELL. Its like.

Horror + Thriller + o_O + Gross + disgusting + == + wtheck + ??? + …




Heheheeeeeee. Sorry. I’m so tired. Haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep for the past few days for staying up late studying (: Like, zomgzxz 4am?!

ATLEAST I BLOGGED OHKAY. Unlike, people who skipped coll and stay at home for 2 days and admit that they’re bored and ask people to blog some more.

..not refering to anyone in specific of course :):)


So yes, cut me some slack okay. No worries, I shall continue Day2&3 soon(: Unless…someone wants to blog it ;D FEEL FREE TO.

And also, I realized there are only like, pics of the few of us. But thats because I was mostly with them amigos in MH’s car –.- and, these pics are from me, SK, ZF and CH. Haven’t gotten pics from SherWen and Yongs…and…whoever else who has pictures –.-


Okay thanksverymuch :D

Nights people. byebyebybeybeybyes.

ILU (K) (L) <33333333333

Guess who? :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


hello people.. haha.. well, i finally got my driving license.. hehe

Monday, August 10, 2009

i'm gonna dieeeeeeeeee.

BLOG PPL BLOG. i'm bored at home okay.

entertain me with some blog posts thank you.