Friday, April 30, 2010


I lubszx the title:D
But anehweis, inverted names are cool too! This is what happens when u leave 3 girls (only) for FATS because JIMMY and MINGHONG failed to show up.

(Yes people, FATS has reduced to at least FIVE consistent people. IS SADS)

Guess lah, who's who(:

Guhnef Neh-ZZ Nut (okay lah quite a giveaway right)
Nei-itch Guh-nip Gen
Yeeom Yerr-Fedge
Guh-nich Guh-noy It
Guh-nek Oos Hoey
Niu Res Ool
Nej Kuh-chet Hog (Y)
Nuh-rehh Guh-nooch Ioh
Guh-nom Guh-nim Il (Y)
Is Neev-lah
Guh-noel Yuhmerejj
Roh-kuh Kuh-nek
Neet-Sooj & Pee-lihpuh (giveaway=.=) Guh-Noii
Guh-nul Kiet Meel Yih-meej


Friday, April 16, 2010

My Holidays are Ending =(

After leaving zf, BONDI !!!

btw, seriously have to go. CANTEK.... The waves here are bigger. Much bigger. But still little bit potong to surf in. =)

SINCE IM TOO LAZY TO ARRANGE THE PICS, it shall be left in random order, anyways i just randomly put a few pics

This is the beach with my fail-i-dunnoe-how-to-pose shot =)
And this is the beach, (with me nicer) anyways, very wide beach =) MUST GO IN SUMMER TO SEE ......... (you know, since here must see how angmoh sunbath, learn MAH)

oh ... er..... HI (thats a smiley at the top =) seni fail)
This is the other end of the beach where there is a bush walk up a cliff. Just very very the NICE view lo. SO, going to bondi beach doesnt mean only lying around at the beach, even though it is good too =)
erm. His mom was practically dragging him off the beach. BUT HE DECIDED TO JUMP AND LAND FLAT (BIRD & FACE DOWN) INTO SAND.

btw the angmoh here damn sampat. I wrote 老母你好 in the sand. And a group of like 13 year olds came running while screaming ( by screaming i mean sk times 10) OMG I CAN READ THAT. I TOOK JAPANESE IN SCHOOL, IT MEANS BONDI RIGHT !!!!! KONICHIWA. OMG CAN YOU TAKE A PICTURE OF US (with my cam) CHHEEEEESEEE!!! OK BYE!!!!!


ps. i cannot take good pictures
pps. dont ask why i wrote 老母你好
ppps. no, i did not take a photo of it as the siao angmohs came and ran all over my 'japanese' writing =.=

Note to self: come back in the winter to see whales migrating.


Monday, April 12, 2010

the boy with the red bag.

and that is choonghern... leaving me...for the second time... in three months.