Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here Goes Nothing!

Well, I think Jimmy’s previous post was pretty.. workable?
So I shall attempt to give it a go, with a list of questions applicable to everyone!
(try to refrain from answering with just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’)

  1. How’s college lately, everyone busy with their own assignments?
    Or are anyone on holidays now?

  2. Do you think you have the heaviest workload / most stressful course?
    Or do you honestly think some other courses are really worse?

  3. Anything interesting happened in your week? Say.. got into a car accident, or caused one? xD

  4. What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to this weekend / next week?

  5. Do you think these 4 questions are dumb?

  6. If so, come up with your own question and answer it ==

  7. What do you feel like eating and drinking now?

  8. Any other cravings? Example, “I feel like going to the beach”?

  9. What’re your plans (if any) for next year, and the years after?

  10. What’s the ONE song you’re currently into and would like to share with everyone?

  11. Do you like Pokemon?
    Sorry but just happened to catch it on TV earlier this morning xD

  12. Give us a random fact about yourself.

Wa. Colourful.

Aight, that’s the best I could come up with.
Please answer these questions as comments so I won’t look
like a loser attempting to do something stupid. Hahaha enjoy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

people should post something on this blog to keep it alive

so here goes,


Alvin's in love :P

HELLO. This is a short post (: And since nobody is updatinggg.. here's 2 pictures from FATS yesterday :D

Check out MingHong's face :D

Jenn, SuKheng, ChoongHern, MingHong and Jimmy. SUPER CUTEEEEEEEE. All of them :)
Fun fun :)
My body aches now =.=

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friends in overseas

Hey people who r not in malaysia!!!

Questions for you guys:

1. Have you grown sideways??
2. Have you grown vertically?
3. Any changes to yourself you would like to tell us?
4. Any changes you are too shy to tell us?
5. Are you bored with life over there?
6. How is it like over there?
7. Rate the hotness of the girls at your place 1-10
8. Rate the hotness of the guys at your place (i'm not interested ==) 1-10
9. Is the food as good?
10. Any new relationships?
11. Met any celebrities?
12. Have you done anything embarassing?
13. What is the latest movie you have watched?
14. Do you like Megan Fox?

Lastly, do you miss us?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

TV Shows

Yo. I’m here to talk bout TV shows. More like one TV show, specifically.

Just happened to watch some game show on tele just now - DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS.

It’s like WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, just that the contestant isn’t asked questions, he/she has to sing several lines of the lyrics of a song (karaoke style), and at the end, three or four words would be missing - they have to get those word right. And once they do, they will..


The concept of the game’s the same - it starts off with the contestant playing for a small amount of money. Get the first one right, the amount doubles, another round, doubles, and so on. Oh and they get to pick the category of the song they sing to as well - Rock, Pop, Classical, Love&Romance, etc.

Seriously. The first thing that came to my mind was “Wtheck these reality shows are just getting so..”
Then I realised that it was a game show, not a reality TV show. Nevertheless. Damn lame lo.

What’s next? A cross between So You Think You Can Dance & The Biggest Loser? Oh wait. there’s already a show for that. DANCE YOUR ASS OFF. Heard it’s on in Malaysia? Or coming soon? I dunno. It’s starting this week.

Ah you get my point.

Watch more of these television shows and SAVE THIS BLOG!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


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i received this email today. odd, isn't it?

so i did some research.

What Are Spam Blogs?
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hmm.... any comments?

Guys check this out, super cool!

Monday, July 13, 2009

~~Char Siew~~ Mmmm....

Woooo...just randomly telling you ppl. These past few days i keep thinking about char siew :P

Wahh cannot tahan liao ever since i went to Famous Seremban Favourites in Aman Suria.

Seriously wei, evrytime college break time i think of driving all the way there just to eat char siew -.-

Aiyo talking about it making me hungry liao. Eh nex time FATS dunid play badminton la...just go eat oni hahaha

Yong Ching, Ping Chien, Zhen Feng.... You are missing this. Awww


These are from the Yongs camera. Just a lil preview before passing the thumbdrive around

btw its like 2.2 GB so yeah =)

btw(x2) the pics are like a fashion show of past blitzerz shirts

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Her Majesty


For those who missed out on the action on the 8th of June, don’t worry.
All you gotta know is HAHA SHERWEN KENA CON :P

And I'm not the one to blame. Or rather, not the ONLY one.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The chosen one? : part1

the mighty rainbow falls.(:
i'm posting it cos everyone looks so happy in it.
..i miss lembing already :(
k i'm bored. byebye.

MY CAR... :D heeheee

has scratches.

MY CAR T.T sob sob

8.30am 3/7/2009 i was driving normally towards college. Then suddenly from my left...BANGGG!! BOOOOMM!! BAAAMMMM!!!! KAPOOOOMM!!! BOODABAMBAMBAM!!!!!! My car was ruined by a Mercedes Benz C230 no. plate WQG 8993.

It's a guy...surprised me too

The fella's car threw my SAGA off like a toy.

Kanasai i dam speechless.....that day supposed to go lembing summore. Now hv to make police report and blablabla -.-

Oh and my tyre exploded.
Boom boom pow!! Flat tyre i stand outside my car =.= and i was late for college

Pics of my 'wonderful saga'-

Don't buy national cars

Monday, July 6, 2009





Chan :D

HAHAHA betcha didn't know that!

The Chosen One

Who will be first to

blog about Lembing?

The million dollar question.


Imma retard

Hi ppl im not allowed to do this here im in my college library hello.
unlike tj and probably most of you im not allowed to do whatever i want with the com:(
well i mean i get screwed 99 if i got caught la i dunno bout u guys maybe you just get light screwing or shit heheh but IM SO BORED i've been here for almost 2hrs 30 mins my class starts at 230 and zf isn't replying me in gmail== so im bored and i can't surf i only can do educational revision here okay yes i guess i'll get going BYES

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ramli @ 10pm



Guess who. It is I, the ‘emo guy’ who people keep asking “Why you emo?” when I not emo.
Even though my MSN dp may LOOK emo and my blog post may SEEM emo, but I’m not emo xD


For your Senarai Alatan Kumpulan, remember to add in a spear!


Ya know, Sungai Lembing, spear, lembing, spear? Okay lame.

Take lotsa pictures (duh) and blog blog blog!! :D

Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!

Cat and Mouse Friends?

How is this possible?
I took this picture myself...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I need Internet!!

I'm writing this from my college...u noe why? Cos my freakin computer at home cant access the internet!!! Kanasai i think there's something wrong with the network adapter. Being without the internet is so hard .>:( but somehow i lasted for one whole week alrdy.


The only good thing is that i can study a lot more now :P

Yea....i noe...NERDY JIMMY.

The 'camp' is just 2 days away. HAHA. Wow i cant wait.

Nex post is when my computer gets fixed :D