Sunday, October 9, 2011

well blogs in general died a few years ago...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

well this blog has kind of died :(

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Oh well, awesome holiday coming to an end, but....... MORE TO COME.

Update people !! (just cause justinyong asked us tooooo ;) )



Monday, July 11, 2011


was awesome.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Sawadeekap !!!!


Saturday, June 4, 2011


Saturday, April 30, 2011

end of april.

Well, there goes my Easter break D: time fliesssssss. But it was 1 week of holidays well spent (: Basically went to Adelaide with the boys, a trip that i was looking forward to SO MUCH, escape from Uni and work (Y) the past few weeks was stressful ): After coming back to Melb, went to the Great Ocean Road with Uni friends and friends who came over from Queensland.

So anyway, my life, has been okay. The first few months took some time getting used to :/ was all excited before that, but then realised it wasn't all fun heh ): sure, staying with friends and all the freedom, but sometimes, or, a lot of times, you just miss home. and all the people back home.

SO. shall not bore you with my ramblings. Here's a sneak peek of our Adelaide trip! :D

Adelaide is beautiful! Omg i love the scenery and trees everywhere i go man. The treees, THE TREEEES. (Y)

More of these shots to come. This is only the beginning. We pretty much took a lot of pictures on the grass, and ate plenty of good food. every single meal was sooo gooood omg.

We also met up with the Ang sisters, Elysia and Melissa! Who went with us to Hahndorf/German town to eat more good food there....i swear im getting fatter -.-

we also took some lovely pictures with the signs there (:

Went to Glenelg! Ahh beautiful beach and awesome fish & chips.

To the botanical gardens! And more green shots there (:

visited PC's Uni of Adelaide....which this picture doesn't really show HAHAH but its a nice pic (: on the campus!

No doubt i miss the trip so much already. all the epic moments.

*insert wide smile*

because being with them was the closest thing i've got to home! :)

Woo thanks for the good trip, boys! it was FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN :D

On a side note.........I CAN'T WAIT FOR JULY. but until then, more work, assignments, and exams first ):
p.s 1700+ pics up on fb soon HUAHAUAUHAHHA (:

Thursday, April 7, 2011



omg. exam on monday :(


so much to study

and so many assignments

silly monash..think we got so much time :(


BYE :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Try saying that Spartan style :D:D
Thus begins my Easter break! TEEHEEE 5 weeks baybehhhhhhh.

Anyway, so I promised to blog :/ I don't know what to blog about I guess I'll blog bout All England Badminton Championship at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena (where Katy Perry is gonna perform this April and October :( )

SHERNYANGGGGGGGGGGG, next year you must go! Its lots and lots and lots of funnnnnnnn. The atmosphere is even more gan jiong than you watching it on tv!!!! You're like omg omg I don't wanna see the last point. With all the fans cheering and screaming their heads off, wah you feel damn patriotic and semangat loh LOL! AND AND I learnt one thing, the best opportunity for you to scream is when the crowd stops cheering then you randomly go "I LOVE YOU CHONG WEI!" Hahahah epic.

Lin Dan is so hotttttttttttttttttttttttt!! SRSLY.


With the Russian Mixed Doubles player Anastacia.

Me and my friends screaming for LCW+Lin Dan when they did their victory run :D

All in all, amazing experience. One of the perks of being in UK. Next, I wanna go watch Tennis Competition :P

On a random note, SPRING IS FREAKING HERE. *SWEAR SWEAR SWEAR* Hahahahhaahahaha kidding. I love spring! Though its not entirely spring but yeah its getting warmer and ohmygoshhhhhhh man the flowers are so so so pretty when they're blooming. Especially yellow ones, I'll show you a picture next time cos I don't have any now :P

These are random yellow blue red pink purple flowers, CRAZY RIGHT? Wait did I just say BLUE!?!? Okay next time must double check if the blue flowers are real!

My friends made pan mee too. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODNESS :D

And have you seen my batman bread :D hello!

Had awesome skype session with some of the MMF. More to come? :)

This skype session was good is because these are the people who hardly appear on skype. JIMMY JEFFREY ALVIN AND :O MABEL! Mabel popped out of no where heeheehe. And its Jimmy's debut! :P We listened to Friday, played with soft toys and other shit.

My head blew off or some shit. Hahaha.

That's the ceiling. 10 steps away from my room?! ON friday, my flatmates LITERALLY partied until the ceiling fell -____________- they sang to FRIDAY (I'm not joking) and they made a mess of the whole residence and no ones gonna clean the mess up, because its EASTER break. I'm living with this crap for 5 weeks. Oh well.

SATURDAY, was Warwick Games 2011 :) I volunteered and also participated in Ultimate Frisbee! Volunteering was hectic, running around ushering students from other universities, registration, pasting signs, collecting food, passing people first aid and calling lots of people. OVERALL, fun fun fun fun! Hahahaha.

This is our volunteer shirt, I don't bite :)

And er yeah Warwickiansssssss xD

Fooling around :P

Frisbee shirt! The picture of the left means you throw the frisbee and it cuts someone's head off!

Warwick Bounce VS Warwick Aloha!
And AngXianHui is in UK!!

To end the day, I did my laundry, sleep, woken up by friends cos she needs to move her luggage, laundry, sleep, laundry, FINALLY SLEEP IN PEACE.

3 Tesco trolleys worth of stuff to move, amazing!

LASTLY, to end the post, just for the heck/fun of it :P

SK in 25years.

I hope this is a good update :/ Talk to you guys real soon, for now, I'll be off to Spain, souvenirs anyone? ♥



Please give me your email addresses so I can invite you to my dead blog :) Its private now heheh.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Even though I’ve been neglecting my own blog (:

I mean ):

Btw this post is from Adelaide, no need to scroll down to find out the author of this post. UNLESS you’re not aware that Zhen Feng is in Sydney, Choong Hern is in Melbourne, and Teck Jenn is in Canberra :O

Anyways, got up early on a Sunday morning (for a change), and Elysia brought me to a Sunday Farmers Market at the Adelaide Showgrounds!


It was a good market. It had stuff. Like, proper stuff. Fruits, vegetables, food, and so on.

UNLIKE THE ONE IN LAUNCESTON, TASMANIA which only had tonnes of old second hand and antique items for sale, which is cool to look at, but not to actually purchase.

DSC_0311 DSC_0295

Anyways, the one here in Adelaide’s heaps better :D Also, apparently you can sign up for membership too. Which means that at most shops, you’ll see the normal prices of things, as well as the member price! How cool is that?


This little patisserie stall, … from Scratch had an assortment mouth-watering pastries for sale, and.. expensive but colourful macaroons! Ended up just getting a custard puff from them.


There was also another stall outside which sold organic apples as well as their own apple juice! The clear juice was made from last season’s apples, whereas the other was made from apples harvested only 2 weeks ago! But yeahh, it was definitely too huge of a bottle to buy. And so I ended up with the puff pastry, and a steak pie.


And that’s how I spent my Sunday morning. Special thanks to Elysia for bringing me there! We can’t wait for the three of you other Aussie peeps to visit during Easter next month :D

On a side note, to the people around the globe, namely Shern Yang, Jeremy, Yong Ching, and Ying Qian who is just down south, I’m sure all of us would love to hear from you guys and what y’all have been up to lately! Assuming that you guys are still aware of the existence of this blog, and visit it every now and then (:

Lastly, may our thoughts be with those affected by the earthquake (directly or indirectly, and not just in Japan).

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello :)

You guys quite fail la. After all your vows ONLINE, promising to yourselves and the rest of us that you would put in more effort in posting in this blog (AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH), YOU FAIL TO FULFILL THEM.
I am disappointed. :/

And now that another one of us has left the country, WE SHOULD BE HAVING MORE UPDATES HERE, NOT LESS.

U guys ahhhh. And im not only referring to those who are not here, okay!

Anyway, just went through old posts, goo times we had.

I think we all came long way. <3
As MMF (sorry CH, until someone else initiates another name which is catchy enough, we’re sticking to this one. :B ).


Unrelated note, check out this link! >>  GOOD TAIMS. :)

Please let this NOT be the only post for the month.

Take care, everyone! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011







HAPPY CNY EVERYONE :D i am thoroughly stuffed with mandarin oranges, yee sang, pineapple tarts and love letters..and its only the 2nd day!

did anyone wear chinese traditional clothes this year?

i actually searched everywhere for a cheong sam..THINKING that all my cousins would too.. last year.. they all wore traditional clothings.. so i felt really out of place.. but this year it was the other way around.. everyone was so casually dressed! so embarrassing :(

is this wat im suppose to be writing? :p

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So you all probably noticed the change of layout and background.
I figured its time this blog had a new look, don’t you think?:) I BET YOU GUYS FORGOT ABOUT THIS ALREADY. Nothing fancy though, just one of those default google templates but i think it works well.
I had to control myself, just in case i made it all colourful and girly. :)

Cmon guys! PUT IN MORE EFFORT HERE. In a few days time, Fellow MMF GohTeckJenn will be joining the guys in the sinking land down below. I figured we need to step up hereeeeee.


So that we can all keep in touch with everyone else!:D
Like the poor sad me who’s still gonna be here, slaving my way through awesome food and humid weather ugh. Nothing really exciting happens here like OMG SNOW OMG FKING HAILSTORM KILLING MY PETS.

No, i have ribut taufan and the occasional haze. D:
Okay not gonna make this about me. :)


Well peeps. Hope this somehow made you visit this molding blog. :)