Sunday, May 31, 2009

what i want may not be what i will be

As the title says, and as most of you already know, i always wanted to be a teacher.

it may not be all that, but this had always been what i wanted ever since i can remember. When i say teacher, i actually mean teaching in a government primary or secondary school.

And this is actually where all the questions arise.....

But why a teacher, i can see the fun and joy in teaching i guess. No matter at what stage the chance to see the younger generation learn and grow gives me the sense of fulfillment i guess. It may seem insignificant but i think everyone can think back after they are successful, and still remember their teachers, maybe one , maybe all, but there will definitely be some teachers who you will still be talking bout after 40 years. The teachers who inspired you to be where you are today.

Teaching used to be a profession looked up to by everyone but today ..... well.....need i say anymore ... its very sad actually, how it ended up to be a career chosen by those who do not have any other choices. Or those who have no choice to forgo it due to dumb reasons (but still important) such as the pay....

Well now as im typing this, honestly i still think about this very often. Am i doing the right thing now ? is this what i really want..... But how on earth can someone pursue teaching as a malaysian government servant and at the same time lead a comfortable life.... (comfortable meaning not having to worry about basic necessities)

Well, this is what i want, maybe a chance to do it part time is already sufficient ? but i still want to see myself in the teaching profession in times to come. Well, after all, who knows ?

Do we choose what we love to do (in this case), or do we do the right thing and choose something that can provide?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Destiny

A common question : What are you gonna do/be in the future?

Below is my answer. Simple and straight forward.

It might not be making millions and billions like some of you who have that dream.

Knowingly, I'm taking up Psychology as my major currently. Taking up that course does not mean I'm gonna be a Psychologist. Many people's reaction are similar when I tell them that I'm studying Psychology - "Wah, not easy ahh... wanna be a doctor. What's in my mind?"

Haha, typical malaysians?

The truth is, I'm more inclined to the field of Training & Development. Wtheck is that, many ask. Human Resource. Does that ring a bell? Uh huh T&D basically is under the branch of HR and it involves humans =) Not buildings or numbers and anything else.

T&D is growing in this country in government and private sectors. Many companies are today introducing a new portfolio or department to further evaluate, train, motivate, increase team spirit, and work performance of employees. Head of these departments usually organise on-the-job or off-the-job training for new and current employees. These trainings can be like seminars, team building, interviews, mentoring and all that sort of stuff.

More are done by the T&D Department and like I said, the demand for it is increasing by the day.

So yes, after obtaining my degree, I would look for a job, probably as a junior executive in the
mentioned field in a small company. Then slowly I'll grow from this position to a Managerial position in around 3 to 5years.

Then while working, I'll most probably be taking up MBA and graduate in 2 years!

Academically, I should be done. Ph.D, you ask? Ask me when I'm 35. Haha I'll decide that time.

MBA done, then I will start planning or start operation my new consultation firm in T&D. What I wanna do is not be in a company training employees. I wanna be training the bosses, CEOs, MDs, Managers, Supervisors who will then train their employees. Maybe I'll meet you,zf. If your company decided to send you for my trainings under the benefits provided. Hahah

That's what I hope for. Company shall expand, housing my employees in a big big building again, like everyone, pc will be incharge of that. You know, with just our building for you to work on, you'll be busyyyyyyy already! Haha.

Though being attached to a company would not be so much of a hassel as compared to starting my own firm, I believe the experience would be wonderful. Instead of just being an employee taking benefits from the company, I wanna be giving employees the benefits. I wanna be talking about net worth and not income. With that, I'd live a comfortable life with my family and then channel a big chunk of the money for the society to have a better life.

Along the way, I wanna carry out my philantrophic efforts in the name of human! Charity charity charity. Donations for this and that, him and her. Getting on the ground, being dirty just to help others. I came across an article in reader's digest about this lady who is helping out needy people in Singapore. People asked her which organisation is she attached to and all she said to themwas , "There is no need to be part of any organisations to help people." So yeah, I wanna help people with all my heart and with the money I earn in the future, it would be very much easier and more people would benefit from it. Oh by the way, check out my blog tmr for something on charity.

That's for Plan A.

What's Plan B? Will make it another post.

Till then,
Justin Yong

THE plan.

Plan A :

Marry a rich guy.

If plan A fails, due to unforseen circumstances (suicide, bankruptcy, murdered, illness, divorce, bladeebla...)

Plan B:

....nobody said you can only marry once right?


see. short and simple and easy.


SORRY LAH. ah am dam lazy to type out my "future" now because I don't have a plan. Not like genius MH here. Everything laid out perfectly.

Who doesn't wanna be successful and rich right? And who doesn't wanna own bigbeautiful houses and bigbeautiful cars...and, everyone wants to use company benefits :D

MY PLAN, is just, what comes, comes. Yano?

Of course it doesn't mean I don't plan or do anything about it at all lah, but, I have no specific plan or idea yang tertentu. Only a very faint one.

like, so faint at the back of my mind i don't even know if it exists.


well yah, make the most out of everything, even if it doesn't go your way. :)

hi pingchien. write. appreciate life next in your blog :p
p.s. so how have you people been lately? (: I'VE BEEN BUSY. still am.
p.p.s the HAZE IS BACK. :O:O :(:(
sorry no pics this time :p just a quick post.

Friday, May 29, 2009



I'm finally here to talk about my future? Well not exactly :/ I really have no idea what to say. Kudos to those who know what they wanna be.

Let me tell you this first, when I was really small.... I wanted to a be a model (: REALLY SMALL. REALLY REALLY TINY. Yes, I know my post is gonna be filled with comments or critism along with laughter. ITS OKAY! Because.... its just okay :D

Firstly, I actually want to be counting stuff. Not an accountant but hopefully I can be something big in a company :D My company will be very very colourful, inside out. Hehehehehehehehehe. No colours, out you go. Everyone must wear something colourful everyday!

Colours brighten up your day ;)

Oh oh and I will hire PingChien and Alvin to design my 1KM building?! Yup!

Its so pretty (: Its a dream!

This shall be my cafeteria or something. HAHAHA :D

Basically, I just wanna be happy and be able to support my family. WHITE COATS ARE AWESOME.


Okay thank you for reading this crap.

Byebye ♥

As i promised! This is my future.

No. Wait. Before i start, i'm going to tell you a story.

I wasted Rm 7, my sleeping time, the 1hour 30 minutes lrt time, 20 minutes waiting for bus, 20 minutes walking from college main gate to class and back, 20 minutes of wating for the stupid bus driver who was suppose to come but decided not to because it was FRIDAY 1:30PM (malaysian should know why)


yes i tulan. because my class was cancelled.

OKAY! Lets start with..what? in 20 years?

Okay. i don't know exactly what i will be. But. XD
Maybe in 10 years when i'm 28, i will be working for some company. Most probably in the office. then, maybe in another 7 years when i'm at the age of 35. I will start my own company.
Something small maybe?

as small as this?

yea. and in another 10 years when i'm 45, i am going to own this.

In order to have that, i am going to hire PingChien the chun architect to get me something with a special design where it will be well known all over the world. I am going to earn a few million/billion a month.
( XD i know. well. it might happen!). I will have a few thousands of qualified ppl working for me. Ofcoz, i can hire ZhenFeng as the CEO or whatever he wants to be.

Knowing that i earn a few million/billion a month, zf you can buy whatever you wish for with company money, WITHIN THE BUDGET
(i'm just that kind.)

Then i will buy insurance from whoever for the company. Reason being its a precaution step for.. I will mention this later. SO.

I will buy a piece of land and build my own house, with 5 storeys, a swimming pool at the top and one Multipurpose court at the basement. MUAHAHHAHA.

At the age of 60 i will retire and travel around the world with COMPANY"S money
(right zf) with my wife and leave the company to my children. If they decided not to go into my company, i will hire someone to run the company, or i will sell it off with a good price, if not i will hire someone to burn down the whole building then i will get all the money from the insurance company. HAHA.

So hopefully i will still be alive to travel every single country in the world, and perhaps one day, i will go up to the moon just for a walk. Well.

Well planned? :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi ZhenFeng.

Best picture yo.

its Henry ;D



They won. Against Manchester United :)

Nuff said. It's okay ZhenFeng. Still English Premiere League's Champion!

Ferguson no more chewing gum? Its okay Ryan Giggs!

Oh wells.

Kay byebye (:

Sorry ZF.

Good Times... =)

3 pretty ladies =)
Remember this?? Haha

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


come on peeps. hustle! just type it out and click post! it's not that hard!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In 20 years,

I don't know yet,
but im quite sure i wanna look like these!:D

So in other words, in addition to having stuffs like THESEEEEE
i will have

so many accesories to choose from, i'd take forever to decide,

a variety of expensive bags to choose from for everyday!

with shoes to match each and every bag i decide to use,

make up to play with to express my mood that day,

and for the finishing touches before heading out the door,

i'll grab one of these:D

And since i don't really know much about them yet,

i'll just say i'll have a supercool ride to get to work! B)

So i guess teaching is out of the picture?


can u believe it......... i have lost 8 kg in a months time!!!!!!


Now i am aiming to cut the weight for another 8kg........... Then ..... I will become ying qian yang KURUS !!!!!

so next time when we meet again ..... u guys should keep the word 'fat' when describing me !!!!

SORRY to disappoint...

But this was more of what i had in mind(:

All of which i will buy using COMPANY money

teckjenn, choonghern, justin,

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wat The Ma De

I'm seriously damn frustrated and dulan now. You wanna know why?
Ma de!! Actually I alrdy planned a trip to pangkor for my classmates. Everything was done d. Hotel booked liao, bus tickets gonna buy d nex morning. Then suddenly last night, all d girls in my class berkomplot say they cannot go. I was like "wat the ma de?!?!?" kanasai. Left 5 guys can go oni. SO..this morning, instead of buying bus tickets, I called the hotel to cancel my booking -.-

And then just now something sohai happened also.

I drove to the golf club to hit some balls after a few months of not playing. After that I went to the gym to me"leng-chai"kan myself. When I finished everything, I went to my car and turned the ignition. Guess what?? My car couldn't start. DIU. And i realised I din off my headlamps(for 5hrs!!). Kebodohan to the MAX. BTW this wasn't my first time I forgot to off the lights. Then I had to call AAM. Lan jiao service take 1hr and 15 mins to come. I wait there like beggar oni -.-
Finally i reached home at 9.30, eat, then online.

Sorry for another EMO post

ZF , thats you

I just went to my father's office today in kl

This may seem appealing to some


Do i seriously wanna work in cubicles .......

‘91 babies!!

At New Zealand Natural, we want to make your ice cream experience a perfectly easy one. So we're giving you ice cream rewards just for being yourself!


Every week, we will draw a random year of birth, then post it up on the New Zealand Natural fanpage on Facebook and email it to you. Redeem a FREE JUNIOR ICE CREAM* if the first two numbers of your I.C. (year of birth) matches the chosen year and enjoy 50% off Large ice creams so your friends can join in the fun!

The "New Zealand Natural I.C. Ice Cream Giveaway" is from 6th April - 29th May 2009, and the selected year of birth is valid for 1 week. Spread the word! We bet you know alot of people with the same first two I.C. numbers! Enjoy your treat!

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  • Customer must produce a valid Malaysian Identity Card before redemption
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With ice cream love,
New Zealand Natural Malaysia
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Sometime last year I became some sorta member of the New Zealand Natural ice-cream place at Ikano. This offer seems applicable to all of us! GO GET YOUR ICE-CREAM!!

I sendiri also lazy to read everything. Born in 1991, get some offer. How much it’s actually worth, I dunno.

“Customer must produce a valid Malaysian Identity Card before redemption”
I have my IC with me.

“Valid at all New Zealand Natural outlets except Bangsar Village and Queensbay Mall, Penang”
How bout the one on Lygon Street? :/





PC.. it's just you(:

When i grow up,
i wanna be an employee.
i don't wanna own my own firm.
i wanna work my way up the corporate ladder,
probably work in a bank,
become a bank branch manager,
then move on to HQ, work my way up, to a director post,
something like, CEO, CFO? presumably?(:
that would be nice.

and then there would be all the employee benefits i would receive,
company car, company fuel, company DRIVER,
company phone,
company clothes, company cash,
company food, company hse,
company company, company share, company office boy,
company holidays,
company cup, company water, company food in pantry,
company paper, company stationery,
company company company,
and company.

and that,
the bloody reason why i do not want to be a boss.

well, at least,
that's the plan.

but or course, if all does not go to plan,
i can always shave my head and run away to a particular forest in Taiping
and renounce the world(:

how do u see yourself in twenty years, and what is plan B?
(no we're not here to talk about ur personal life but ur professional one)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

YAY !!!

My 1ST post in MMF !!!!!!




Am I the only one who doesn’t know, or did I just forgot bout it?


So nowwwwww, LET’S ALL SHARE our dreams of what we wanna become when we grow up. HAHAHA or after our college and university years, that is.

For me, I’d like to be some chun architect, if not owning my own firm, working in some super chun architecture firm somewhere. Yes that’s about it. And when I grow older and have enough money I shall open my own cafe or restaurant or something lidat. Yay my dreams in two and a half lines on MMF :D

How about you?

Does this look like a face to you??
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Hokkien Mee

Went down to KL last night for Hokkien Mee in Petaling Street.. But..... it started raining == Anyways, still managed to get there pretty dry.

sorry for the unappetising pic XD

Surprisingly, the food came pretty quick like 5 minutes. Haha.. Anyways, it was kinda good, but expected better la.. Oya, we also ordered this..
don't know what to call it in english

After the meal, saw this angry "ang mo" couple... and some very big siew paos Haha..

Anyways, my parents had craving for beef noodles so we went down the street and had some really chunted beef noodles. Love the beef.. Haha Some of you all might have ate there before..

chunted beef!! Haha..

Overall, Petaling Street was pretty dead that night.. But the food was good =)