Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My College Life

Yo guys!! No pics this time. I'm having exams now and suddenly I had the urge to post sumtin. For those people just starting college, let me tell you one thing: College life is stressful as hell. I dunno whether its just me but it is really tough. One word describes it all: KANASAI. Although i have great classmates, I still feel the stress. Luckily I have you guys to help me lighten the burden :P. Okay...I have PHYSICS test tmr :( its probably my best subject aside from bio (i got 100% :P) so I'm not really worried but seriously I need a break.

Oh yea to all Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea fans out tried your best but you are still not good enough to beat MAN UTD. Next- Cry, Barcelona fans, cry. Muahaha >:)

Okay okay just one pic...

Here is a pic of my crazy classmates. (BTW they are all MANU fans)


  1. read it once, saw that it was jimmy, and im like "WHAAAA??? doesn't sound like jimmy!"
    then i read it another time and
    "== hmm yeah, its jimmy."

  2. nice nice...

    i hv physics test too.

    goodluck to u. good luck to me!:D

    so u play futsal with them too?

  3. no wonder! couldnt tell whose blogging style it was. hahaha