Friday, May 15, 2009

Where’s everyone??

For somewhat reason, it seems like everyone’s been busy or maybe it’s just cause I go offline too early. Blogs takde update, orang pun hilang, and I have no idea where Ming Hong went xD

(Ming Hong, blog bout where you went and what you did please thank you)

So yup, guess it’s safe to say that this blog is pretty much dead now. I mean, look at the less-than-2-month-old archive. There were 44 posts in April itself (though most of em were spam), but only 10 posts in May so far!

It’s time to shut down MMF.

UNLESS all you MMF-ers do something about this! Let’s bring this blog back to life people. Take a litttttttle time off your hectic college schedules to just spam a little here and there. Make a short post, post a couple of pictures, or simply type your heart out in the chatbox. Cause that is all it takes to keep it going!



  1. HAHAHAHA shaddup pingchien. you know we'll never shut it downnn :p


  2. don't worry be happy. i will update soon too :D:D

    and and .. DUDE this post has nothing to do with no to pink. and global issues =.= LAME PC LAME.

  3. Wah you shut it down i kill you! nono. i'll update.

    Err...soon? Haha

  4. pfft. everyone say they'll update soon. hahaha.

    I UPDATED D. :p

  5. if MMF does close, it would then be a global issue, no?

    and NO TO PINK is an on-going campaign that will not cease any time soon.

    okay now only Justin haven't update.