Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Destiny

A common question : What are you gonna do/be in the future?

Below is my answer. Simple and straight forward.

It might not be making millions and billions like some of you who have that dream.

Knowingly, I'm taking up Psychology as my major currently. Taking up that course does not mean I'm gonna be a Psychologist. Many people's reaction are similar when I tell them that I'm studying Psychology - "Wah, not easy ahh... wanna be a doctor. What's in my mind?"

Haha, typical malaysians?

The truth is, I'm more inclined to the field of Training & Development. Wtheck is that, many ask. Human Resource. Does that ring a bell? Uh huh T&D basically is under the branch of HR and it involves humans =) Not buildings or numbers and anything else.

T&D is growing in this country in government and private sectors. Many companies are today introducing a new portfolio or department to further evaluate, train, motivate, increase team spirit, and work performance of employees. Head of these departments usually organise on-the-job or off-the-job training for new and current employees. These trainings can be like seminars, team building, interviews, mentoring and all that sort of stuff.

More are done by the T&D Department and like I said, the demand for it is increasing by the day.

So yes, after obtaining my degree, I would look for a job, probably as a junior executive in the
mentioned field in a small company. Then slowly I'll grow from this position to a Managerial position in around 3 to 5years.

Then while working, I'll most probably be taking up MBA and graduate in 2 years!

Academically, I should be done. Ph.D, you ask? Ask me when I'm 35. Haha I'll decide that time.

MBA done, then I will start planning or start operation my new consultation firm in T&D. What I wanna do is not be in a company training employees. I wanna be training the bosses, CEOs, MDs, Managers, Supervisors who will then train their employees. Maybe I'll meet you,zf. If your company decided to send you for my trainings under the benefits provided. Hahah

That's what I hope for. Company shall expand, housing my employees in a big big building again, like everyone, pc will be incharge of that. You know, with just our building for you to work on, you'll be busyyyyyyy already! Haha.

Though being attached to a company would not be so much of a hassel as compared to starting my own firm, I believe the experience would be wonderful. Instead of just being an employee taking benefits from the company, I wanna be giving employees the benefits. I wanna be talking about net worth and not income. With that, I'd live a comfortable life with my family and then channel a big chunk of the money for the society to have a better life.

Along the way, I wanna carry out my philantrophic efforts in the name of human! Charity charity charity. Donations for this and that, him and her. Getting on the ground, being dirty just to help others. I came across an article in reader's digest about this lady who is helping out needy people in Singapore. People asked her which organisation is she attached to and all she said to themwas , "There is no need to be part of any organisations to help people." So yeah, I wanna help people with all my heart and with the money I earn in the future, it would be very much easier and more people would benefit from it. Oh by the way, check out my blog tmr for something on charity.

That's for Plan A.

What's Plan B? Will make it another post.

Till then,
Justin Yong


  1. i dont have to worry bout being jobless with you people huh? hahaha

  2. yes pc :P SO MANY BUILDINGS TO DESIGN. mine hardest ;)