Sunday, May 31, 2009

what i want may not be what i will be

As the title says, and as most of you already know, i always wanted to be a teacher.

it may not be all that, but this had always been what i wanted ever since i can remember. When i say teacher, i actually mean teaching in a government primary or secondary school.

And this is actually where all the questions arise.....

But why a teacher, i can see the fun and joy in teaching i guess. No matter at what stage the chance to see the younger generation learn and grow gives me the sense of fulfillment i guess. It may seem insignificant but i think everyone can think back after they are successful, and still remember their teachers, maybe one , maybe all, but there will definitely be some teachers who you will still be talking bout after 40 years. The teachers who inspired you to be where you are today.

Teaching used to be a profession looked up to by everyone but today ..... well.....need i say anymore ... its very sad actually, how it ended up to be a career chosen by those who do not have any other choices. Or those who have no choice to forgo it due to dumb reasons (but still important) such as the pay....

Well now as im typing this, honestly i still think about this very often. Am i doing the right thing now ? is this what i really want..... But how on earth can someone pursue teaching as a malaysian government servant and at the same time lead a comfortable life.... (comfortable meaning not having to worry about basic necessities)

Well, this is what i want, maybe a chance to do it part time is already sufficient ? but i still want to see myself in the teaching profession in times to come. Well, after all, who knows ?

Do we choose what we love to do (in this case), or do we do the right thing and choose something that can provide?


  1. well said. i believe. at first, the more realistic thing to do would be to choose something that can provide, and once you're capable of or already have provided sufficient for whatever period of time, then of course, you choose what you love to do. on the other hand, if what you love to do is something that can provide all at the same time, then i seriously doubt you'd have to give it any further thought.

    HOWEVER. some people may disagree, money isnt everything, if you do what you love, you'll definitely be happy.

    so it's up to the individual i guess.

    whoa. my first proper comment xD

  2. welcome back choong hern. nothing much i can say since pingchien already had his go in his FIRST proper comment. ahha good one there.

  3. pretty ironic isn't it?

    how teaching was THE profesion of our father's generation.

    i mean. my dad ALMOST became a teacher, if it wasn't because he couldn't remember the DYMM AGONG's name.

    but i guess, in this era, especially in malaysia, money makes the world go round. more so when ur skin is yellow.

    im sorry. but that's just the hard truth.

    so to correct pingchien,
    yes, it's up to the individual,
    but it relies heavily on his/her environment too.

    all said and done.

  4. i have nothing really wise to say. but all i know is, in my point of view, some people can never do what they love. example me. :D

  5. what DOES sw love to do.


  6. welcome to the world la. What is life without money. I know, some may think i am money minded. No, i'm not. its fact. Maybe since young we have this debate about which is more important, money or happiness. Both also have each of their own point right.

    what i am trying to say is everything needs money. Doing something that u like and being happy is one thing, money is another thing.

  7. Lets just put it this way..
    doing what you like = happiness but not necessarily security.
    money gives you pride and status

  8. time to change name of blog to

    meet my money-minded friends :D

  9. Wat the Ma de lar u all. If ur wife is rich den can d lar. Go pursue your dreams man. Anyway, if u giv tuition u can be rich oso wad

  10. but im not doing it just for the sake of teaching.

    tuition teachers just meet the kid like 2hours a week for academic drilling, thats all aint it. What else can a tuition teacher do.

  11. lol. i think mr goey is jimmy's inspiration.