Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi ZhenFeng.

Best picture yo.

its Henry ;D



They won. Against Manchester United :)

Nuff said. It's okay ZhenFeng. Still English Premiere League's Champion!

Ferguson no more chewing gum? Its okay Ryan Giggs!

Oh wells.

Kay byebye (:

Sorry ZF.


  1. You dont write something on PURPOSE and apologise at the end of it. Makes no sense at all.


  2. later he pull my hair out lahhhh.

  3. so evil.. btw, how did you know the names of those people sherwen?

  4. apologising was the wisest thing sw had done in this post...


  6. what lah. he posted so many things on man u winning. jeeez. i post ONE. ONE and i understand how he feels so yeah. its okay sukhengggg, i glu back your hair for you ;)

    er shernyang. i watch football too you know. i don't know if you do actually! i also used to love man u. screw that okay byebye

  7. its a terrible lost.
    a horrible first goal. and then we played without vindication where everyone simply look to each other for one to stand up. It is terrible but true that we miss the much gallant darren fletcher or someone of the owen hargreaves mould to get stuck in and stop their rythm but alas we could only turn to scholesly to do that job. rooney was wasted running up and down and towards the end playing a 4-2-4 formation didnt help as our midfield was all over. man utd were like little kids playing football in a park when the ball flies to the neighbours house and barcelona being the neighbour, they simply didnt want to give it back. seeing the game pan out in front of my eyes it is incredulous the way manutd played. skill for skill the english were never a match with the spanish but what makes english football great is the lion heart and the never say die attitude. Lamentably non of those qualities could be seen that fatefull night in rome. the much hype of the greatest team sir alex ever had never lived up to their name and even at 62, sir alex ferguson knows there is much work to be done.

    I must say. i am utterly dissapointed. its sad and its cruel but cut me open and you'll find United blood flowing inside. To all die hard United fans out there and Tan zhen feng.. United Till I Die!