Saturday, April 30, 2011

end of april.

Well, there goes my Easter break D: time fliesssssss. But it was 1 week of holidays well spent (: Basically went to Adelaide with the boys, a trip that i was looking forward to SO MUCH, escape from Uni and work (Y) the past few weeks was stressful ): After coming back to Melb, went to the Great Ocean Road with Uni friends and friends who came over from Queensland.

So anyway, my life, has been okay. The first few months took some time getting used to :/ was all excited before that, but then realised it wasn't all fun heh ): sure, staying with friends and all the freedom, but sometimes, or, a lot of times, you just miss home. and all the people back home.

SO. shall not bore you with my ramblings. Here's a sneak peek of our Adelaide trip! :D

Adelaide is beautiful! Omg i love the scenery and trees everywhere i go man. The treees, THE TREEEES. (Y)

More of these shots to come. This is only the beginning. We pretty much took a lot of pictures on the grass, and ate plenty of good food. every single meal was sooo gooood omg.

We also met up with the Ang sisters, Elysia and Melissa! Who went with us to Hahndorf/German town to eat more good food there....i swear im getting fatter -.-

we also took some lovely pictures with the signs there (:

Went to Glenelg! Ahh beautiful beach and awesome fish & chips.

To the botanical gardens! And more green shots there (:

visited PC's Uni of Adelaide....which this picture doesn't really show HAHAH but its a nice pic (: on the campus!

No doubt i miss the trip so much already. all the epic moments.

*insert wide smile*

because being with them was the closest thing i've got to home! :)

Woo thanks for the good trip, boys! it was FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN :D

On a side note.........I CAN'T WAIT FOR JULY. but until then, more work, assignments, and exams first ):
p.s 1700+ pics up on fb soon HUAHAUAUHAHHA (:

Thursday, April 7, 2011



omg. exam on monday :(


so much to study

and so many assignments

silly monash..think we got so much time :(


BYE :)