Thursday, April 30, 2009

I jealous coz Jimmy's face on the first post so i decided to post this post so that his face would be in the second post.

So. Hello(:
For those who don't know, I've decided to leave my blog idle for a few days (no one knows).
To represent a "silent moment" for the very sad death of Kitty. It wasn't mine in the first place, and we only had a short time together, but i have grown attached to it.



heheh. ironic right?

moving on?!

So yes. IM GOING FOR A CAMP TOMORROW WITH MH, TJ, PHIL AND JUSTIN. and some catholic high scl kids. and. other peeps. Coz im nice and so is Tj (Phil&Justin are just too free) and so we will be the hot looking girls uncontinuously standing beside Mh for 3days and 2 nights!:D

And yeah. This post is to displace Jimmy's face. :D
Sorry Jimmy.

Maybe.. if you.. .. .. didn't have your shirt on...?


k byes im walking Prince.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jim to the Lim?

So yah, i know i barely post anything :p NOW I AM.
because pingchien asked me to.
Kay so on Jimmy's birthday, we had FATS at my place - badminton! But only Ch,Mh,Sw,Sk,Me and Jimmy came :O sk didn't play either.

We also had a very lovely time sitting by the side of the pool talking and lying on the ground and watching the clouds and the beautiful bluee sky :D
THEN, we went for dinnerrrrr! In PARIS! :):):)

OHKAY, at a place called New Paris. Which, does not serve french food, but, chinese! Hahhaa. Food was awesomee(: Kay prolly cause i was hungryy. no not really. it just tasted good. yep.

THEN, as usual, we had cake! Yeyy.

Happy jimmy! :D

Lucky jimmy? yes.

Jimmy's "that-girl-is-checking-me-out" look.

Yes, so after dinner, we only had about 10-15 minutes to get to Ou to watch...

THE UNINVITED. *jengjengjeng*

Er, I wanted to post a picture of it up, but I don't want to google it. I SCARED OKAY. HEHEHEEEEEE.

So punch me.

Overall, the movie was alright, is it even considered horror? Horror+Thriller lah. Sk and I had each other to ourselves :x.

So after movie? Heh heh. What else. :p

STONE! At the entrance.

STONE! In the carpark.

...and more stoning! Why is Ch and Justin holdinghands? :O
ZOMG! No, this is a very unclear picture.
Right? Erm.

And then we finally moved our butts to our cars after deciding where to go, which was Kayu! I ordered Milo Ais :D And there was milo powder on top of it...HAHAHA because philip wanted some on his, so the guy put on everyone's Milo Ais. I think Sw has a picture of it :D

Talked&talked&talked. Me and sk wanted to go back to school cause PBSM having camp there, so we left first, including Ch, cause he so nice give us a lift! :D Chehh. And also to pick up his brother who was in school too -.-

Justin was also very nice, because he cheng-ed us the drinks! :D Yeyyyy.Thankyou Justin! the end...we didn't get a group picture -.--.--.- Oops. And thats all the pics i have. More with Sw! I want pics sw.

Zomg so weird. No group picture to end with :( NVM! I shall end with some pictures of Jimmy!


Yengg jimmy. :O


thankyou for all the rides and lifts in your car :D

I was bored so I coloured the whole post. Well, most of it (:

Ah. am. done. :D

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Teik Teik

Its past 1 , but i just got home

anyways happy birthday, get as many A20 as possible +)



Retarded Pose

*insert pics of all the sports*

Happy 18th teik loong

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jim

I got no blog, so i post here...

Pertama sekali,

Happy Birthday Jimmy, my "good" friend ;)

I will beat u in 'turtle' one day, manage to dunk before u,
beat u in a marathon, get a higher score than u in an
exam and score 5 goals past u in a futsal match.

Di samping itu,

When are u going to dye ur hair??
U said u wanted to dye 1 month ago..

I will show everyone the most hensem and proper picture
of Jimmy. This might be the only "nice" picture of Jimmy,
so please enjoy.


Short and simple. i don't know what should i put as a title.

Ping Chien asked me to post this.

Because i asked him one simple question that i am going to ask everyone.

Till we find a better name.

Until when?? :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Now you see it, now you don't!

Her face is not on the top anymore, again!

So today I'm blogging here again =.=







Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!!!!!





Our dear friend Joey Lau Jia Wei is in the hospital. HOSPITAL. Yeahhhhh!

I just came back from visiting him with my college classmates and also Medalynn ChoongHern Jane XianHui YungKen and blah blah blah (: My first trip to the hospital to visit a friend!

He got into a car accident which he claims is not his fault and I will elaborate more on my blog later? Yup! He thinks its very cool and he can still joke about a lot of stuff so don't you worry ;)

He fractured his backbone and injured his gums, apparently there's a hole in it :O

That's about it (:

Hope he gets better ;) You guys, MMF people, who can drive already which is almost everybody, please drive safe, you do not want to end up like him and I don't wanna visit you in the hospital! Especially Alvin, ChoongHern, Jimmy, Jeffrey, Jeremy, Justin, Kent, MingHong, Philip. Drive safeeeeeee! I'm sure the girls know how to drive safe!


And before you know it....

sukheng's face is up on the blog again!: D

Meet, FINGER and sukheng(:
no i dunno who's finger is that.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I shall post something in support of Sher Wen! As I can't bear looking at SuKheng's face on top of the page as well. =D

Since I have nothing to post I shall copy something from my blog.
The Bond
Ocean deep and mountains high,
Far beneath I see your heart,
You and I far apart,
For I am here to say goodbye.
Ocean deep and mountains high,
I see you walk with tears flowing down,
A gift of hope from me to you,
For you are my one in a million.
Ocean deep and mountains high,
Far beyond the sorrow felt,
I see a smile in your hopeful eyes,
The time has come we reunite.

No sabo today.

What a beautiful blue sphere (:
Our Earth!

Happy Earth Day yo!
Not as popular as Earth Hour.
In fact I wasted a lot of paper today omgomgomgomg.

Anyway, my brother got "kidnapped" today. :O
Seriously (: I'll update you people soon.

THIS IS SUCH A LAME POST =.= OKAY. Post something lah!
I purposely don't want SuKheng's face on top of the page :D


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Double SABO

Aiyo I Sabo 2 of u la
make it fair

That's some Hot stuff rite there

Sand is my drug? O_o?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dying Blog


This is how it is done * refer to below*


Naruto Post

Lets all watch NARUTO !!!
Its a Good Show. Can get addicted 1
Srsly, Let me show u nice pics

NARUTO vs. NEJI in Chuunin Exam Part II

This is the match that took place while the Genins were in Chuunin exam. This was the final part (Part III) of the Chuunin Exam, and Naruto was matched up against Neji. In Preliminary Match, where Neji arrogantly made claims that fate had it that he was the one to win the battle against Hinata, Hinata was badly beaten and Naruto made a promise to beat Neji.

The battle on the bridge, KAKASHI vs. ZABUZA and NARUTO/SASUKE vs. HAKU

This is the battle which took place on the half-finished bridge in Wave Country while Team 7 and Kakashi were in a mission of protecting the person who was incharged in the development of the bridge. The opponents were missing-nins who were hired to stop the development of the bridge and to kill the person Team 7 and Kakashi were protecting.

“The Legendary Sannin” Battle

This was the fight between The Legendary Sannin; Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya.

NARUTO vs. SASUKE in Valley Of The End

Naruto fought Sasuke to bring him back to Konoha, after Sasuke left the village to go to Orochimaru to seek for power. Naruto said he was rather breaking Sasuke’s arms in order to bring him back to Konoha than to see him fall in the hands of the evil Orochimaru.

Shikamaru vs Hidan

Shikamaru fighting Hidan, one of the members from the most powerful clan, Akatsuki.

Friday, April 17, 2009

All The Good Times We've Had :).....As Friends

No hiding feelings...we can see right through you

When you're down, we cheer you up

Loving you every moment of everyday

Laughing, Joking...Friends Forever

Tearing and comforting one another

Caring towards one another

Supporting one another during good and bad times

Even as time goes on,

we will always cherish these memories,

and be remembered as.......


Thursday, April 16, 2009

To my dear friend..

HELLO. This is our friend, Yeoh Su Kheng (:

I would like to say a few words. HAHAHAHA.

I put such a nice picture of you.

Because you took good care of me today!

Even though it was a very horrible sight of me, jeeeez. I know how bad it looked.

Just FYI, I had cramps today, I puked in the car (I suspect its cos of SK carrying me around so I felt nauseous. Hahaha kidding!) SO YEAH, she took really good care of me.

I will make it up to you one day, I'll shop with you till we drop (of course with TJ too!!!), I'll give you nice birthday present and errr... kiss! *insert choonghern's favourite emoticon*

Aiyah long enough right?

Don't worry, I will take good care of you when you are sick or whatever also kay ;)

Goodnight. Sorry and Thank You :P

I love youuuuu! ♥♥

damn 7 corny.

Group conversations..

.. are somewhat crazy with the MMF's. We just finished another. Minutes of the crazy convo :

1. Lotus boy introduced.
2. Malaysian politics.
3. PC's *ahem* stuff.
4. Malaysia vs China.
5. LAN tests.
6. Premature ejaculation.
7. Lotus boy again.
8. Emoticon before name rule.
9. PC vs PC.
10. Luke introduced.
11. Adrian introduced.
12. Kevang introduced.
13. TJ joined.
14. Jimmy joined.
15. Personal farewells by ZF.

That's it so far. TJ and SK still in the convo, but only me and TJ talking. SK helping ZF with his LAN. :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Ceremonial Post

No, don’t scroll down to see who’s the author of this post. Just guess xD

aNd I aM gOinG tO mAk3 iT h@rd 4 yOu 2 dO sO~~

Time to spice things up a little in this blog. Come on people!!


Okay this is lame I have nothing else better to do.

Hello everyone I’m Yong Ching.

It’s 8am here in America. College is pretty good so far. Not many leng luis  :(

HAHAHA gotcha! It’s Ying Qian la.

Singapore is very hot!!


It is I, Lee Mun Wai.

Wait a second, do I even know of this blog?? =.=



So am I Sher Wen, or am I Alvin? O.O

Eh how you people manage to make it all colourful. Damn mafan lo!

Screw this.


Says Choong Hern.


Says Su Kheng.

Eh what about me??

Asks Zhen Feng.

HAHA you in Australia.

Mocks Ping Chien.


Exclaims Jimmy.

No I shall not go on making up an imaginary group convo with ALL the authors of this blog included.

That is just stupid. Nothing else better to do ah??

Here ya guys go! I’ve just provided a minute or two of entertainment for you!

Now someone please post something other than a video worthwhile!!

Thank you.

Seriously lo, damn mafan to colourize the whole post. Ain’t even gonna bother doing it.


Wa damn sien.

Yeah the post hasn’t ended yet.




NOW it ends.

The end.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vroom Vroom

PC has requested for more lame videos.

Saturday, April 11, 2009




haha no its not its sherwen (:

we're in Jeremy's party right now and ZhiPing, KhaiYii, Lynn and blah blah blah are drunk. oh well not as much as I expected but ZP is mad :D he kacauuu us while blogging, lol.

hi i'm kent :D
these people are seriously drunk and horny. ZP is molesting everyone!

kent will upload pictures when he gets back :D

18 SX

Another video from 3 Teratai

Star Wars O_O

A video from 3 Teratai O_o

Friday, April 10, 2009


Hie =)
Sorry for the late entry...
Anyways, Happy Birthday to the Yong Bros again.. Haha..

Anyways, here's a pic of the cake=D


I'm Xian Hui. :D.
And I'm asked to spam here so:

^_________________^ V!

YaY! :D

and btw that LAN video is....LoL :D I LIKE!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm not out with the gang :/
they are all out having dinner now with the yongs :)
or maybe going back d. heheheee.

MY FINALS ARE COMING. like, starting this sat :/
THEN MY HOLS. on wed :D 2 weeks! wheeee.
i'm going up to genting :O with mah college mates.

teeheee. :D

time to hit the books. see you peeps(:



a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to justin and philip! :D

who are now in a park near minghong's house. doing who knows what.

probably stoning (: hahaha.


What up.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MV you call this?

seriously guys. my ears are killing me.

haha. good one good one(:

MV is out !!


Noobs dun laugh until pants drop


PINK !!!

its such a wonderful colour

makes me feel so happy,

oh the wonderful-nesss

makes the world so much happier


makes everything on earth so much nicer



and ....

we're not having it =D

hi sher wen
hor hor tata yor

choonghern u sabo-er!>: ( yeh! u watch out.

eh sk, why everyone like to sabo u?

nvm. i protect you!

and sw, no it's not gonna be pink. it's 4 against 1. as far as my maths tells me.

and thus, as a form of boycott. this post shall not hv a cool title from me(:

instead. it will be in dark orange to show the beauty of the colour(:
and jimmy is blogging!

hey get an google account dude.

then ur big beautiful name can be portrayed here in this erm. joint blog of unspoken function


I'm bored so yeah.


There's no pink in the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee blog okay? Damn sad ):
I had a very strong urge to sabotage Sukheng. BUT, I'm nice (: Sukheng! That picture is not as bad as the one I haveeeeeeeee (:

ANYWAY, pink yeah pink!

I'm hungry, byebye

SherWen ♥
choonghern you stupits.




Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First time post

This is the Serious Jimmy -.-
My girlfriend is behind me. LOL XD

Ladies...dun be jealous



yes i DO ,

shell = beeeach

anyways ... wait....

am i the last to update ...

nvm , i was away yesterday night too so yeah

i really reallyy really wanna know

how did this come about


hi zhenfeng, you hemsem



I wasn't online last night, and suddenly this thing pop up.
Good Job. =)

Anyway. I'm here to bring you the latest news.
No. Not the election. (though i know zf you wanna know who won)

I wanna announce something.

Our very handsome friend, err. handsome?
Okay. Handsome.

Tan Ying Qian

left Malaysia

and went to




informing any of us.

So yea. He is so handsome that he can't even just sms us.

Ying Qian you lame la.


Ah it's up.


New MV

Our new Music Video starring Jimmy is coming up :0
Get it from anyone of us from the Ah Long video TMR .

Selamat Datang!

Welcome to all to this wonderful blog. Today I am gonna talk about...NOTHING!

Hello all =D Nama aku Philip Yong. I ada blog yang sangat canggih. Sila visit kalau you suka.

Inilah rakan-rakan seperjuangan ku

teckjenn is..blogging?


zomg. im. blogging. :O:O
no not really.

Tuesday, April 7th 2009 - MMF was born.


and now back to my work :)

ZF and his Ceremonial Post

The Orang-Utans says HI!

My ceremonial post

I srsly dunno how to blog. Someone plx teach me ty.

Alvin (_ _")

SuKheng's Ceremonial Post

omg now i feel so not left out! :D

hi everyone.




I like this picture better. WHY? Because its so colourful and proper :) PLUS, ZhenFeng is in it. Hahahahahahhahahahahahaahha. Doesn't he just blend? Yes he doesssss! I'm very fascinated with my creativity, hahahahahahahaha. Don't comment lahkay! ;)

This is an awesome blog :D

Everyone please blog!

The first proper post goes to me.



SherWen ♥