Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jim to the Lim?

So yah, i know i barely post anything :p NOW I AM.
because pingchien asked me to.
Kay so on Jimmy's birthday, we had FATS at my place - badminton! But only Ch,Mh,Sw,Sk,Me and Jimmy came :O sk didn't play either.

We also had a very lovely time sitting by the side of the pool talking and lying on the ground and watching the clouds and the beautiful bluee sky :D
THEN, we went for dinnerrrrr! In PARIS! :):):)

OHKAY, at a place called New Paris. Which, does not serve french food, but, chinese! Hahhaa. Food was awesomee(: Kay prolly cause i was hungryy. no not really. it just tasted good. yep.

THEN, as usual, we had cake! Yeyy.

Happy jimmy! :D

Lucky jimmy? yes.

Jimmy's "that-girl-is-checking-me-out" look.

Yes, so after dinner, we only had about 10-15 minutes to get to Ou to watch...

THE UNINVITED. *jengjengjeng*

Er, I wanted to post a picture of it up, but I don't want to google it. I SCARED OKAY. HEHEHEEEEEE.

So punch me.

Overall, the movie was alright, is it even considered horror? Horror+Thriller lah. Sk and I had each other to ourselves :x.

So after movie? Heh heh. What else. :p

STONE! At the entrance.

STONE! In the carpark.

...and more stoning! Why is Ch and Justin holdinghands? :O
ZOMG! No, this is a very unclear picture.
Right? Erm.

And then we finally moved our butts to our cars after deciding where to go, which was Kayu! I ordered Milo Ais :D And there was milo powder on top of it...HAHAHA because philip wanted some on his, so the guy put on everyone's Milo Ais. I think Sw has a picture of it :D

Talked&talked&talked. Me and sk wanted to go back to school cause PBSM having camp there, so we left first, including Ch, cause he so nice give us a lift! :D Chehh. And also to pick up his brother who was in school too -.-

Justin was also very nice, because he cheng-ed us the drinks! :D Yeyyyy.Thankyou Justin!

So...in the end...we didn't get a group picture -.--.--.- Oops. And thats all the pics i have. More with Sw! I want pics sw.

Zomg so weird. No group picture to end with :( NVM! I shall end with some pictures of Jimmy!


Yengg jimmy. :O


thankyou for all the rides and lifts in your car :D

I was bored so I coloured the whole post. Well, most of it (:

Ah. am. done. :D


  1. yayyyy finally got update. hahaha how was the movie? erm erm erm. hello.

  2. LET ME TELL YOU PINGCHIEN, it was pure horror. and everyone got conned, the storyline superr O__________o and so, i was very scared. so was everyone else ;)

  3. jimmy.....remind me to belanja u makan when i'm back from singapore!!!! anything u wan la...