Thursday, April 23, 2009

Now you see it, now you don't!

Her face is not on the top anymore, again!

So today I'm blogging here again =.=







Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!!!!!





Our dear friend Joey Lau Jia Wei is in the hospital. HOSPITAL. Yeahhhhh!

I just came back from visiting him with my college classmates and also Medalynn ChoongHern Jane XianHui YungKen and blah blah blah (: My first trip to the hospital to visit a friend!

He got into a car accident which he claims is not his fault and I will elaborate more on my blog later? Yup! He thinks its very cool and he can still joke about a lot of stuff so don't you worry ;)

He fractured his backbone and injured his gums, apparently there's a hole in it :O

That's about it (:

Hope he gets better ;) You guys, MMF people, who can drive already which is almost everybody, please drive safe, you do not want to end up like him and I don't wanna visit you in the hospital! Especially Alvin, ChoongHern, Jimmy, Jeffrey, Jeremy, Justin, Kent, MingHong, Philip. Drive safeeeeeee! I'm sure the girls know how to drive safe!



  1. whats with guys driving. We drive more safe than girls okay.

    Sorry i have to say this. I think most of the guys agree. Those cars that suddenly come to ur lane with no signals and nothing, are women.



    let me tell joey story again ,
    he was driving 80-100 on a straight road , fine , he stupid

    BUT the LADY didnt look both ways and came out of the junction



    now she feeling guilty and call joey to ask whether she should go to the hospital

    guys, look out where you driving okay ~~~~~

  3. haha sherwen cant drive.

    that's all i can say.

  4. umm yeah i gotta agree that lady drivers are scary!

  5. Girls should have minimum driving age of 50 and maximum driving age of 50.

  6. eh please, i so nice tell you about our dear friend who can still joke about his kukujiao =.= seriouslyyyy, everything also cool to him.

    and i guessss lady drivers aree scary. BUT they do it accidentally. i know alvin like to play play on the road. joey also. SO YEAH, doesn't apply to the rest of you then :D

    conclusion : everyone drive safe.
    except me ):