Thursday, April 16, 2009

To my dear friend..

HELLO. This is our friend, Yeoh Su Kheng (:

I would like to say a few words. HAHAHAHA.

I put such a nice picture of you.

Because you took good care of me today!

Even though it was a very horrible sight of me, jeeeez. I know how bad it looked.

Just FYI, I had cramps today, I puked in the car (I suspect its cos of SK carrying me around so I felt nauseous. Hahaha kidding!) SO YEAH, she took really good care of me.

I will make it up to you one day, I'll shop with you till we drop (of course with TJ too!!!), I'll give you nice birthday present and errr... kiss! *insert choonghern's favourite emoticon*

Aiyah long enough right?

Don't worry, I will take good care of you when you are sick or whatever also kay ;)

Goodnight. Sorry and Thank You :P

I love youuuuu! ♥♥

damn 7 corny.

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