Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm not out with the gang :/
they are all out having dinner now with the yongs :)
or maybe going back d. heheheee.

MY FINALS ARE COMING. like, starting this sat :/
THEN MY HOLS. on wed :D 2 weeks! wheeee.
i'm going up to genting :O with mah college mates.

teeheee. :D

time to hit the books. see you peeps(:



a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to justin and philip! :D

who are now in a park near minghong's house. doing who knows what.

probably stoning (: hahaha.


  1. omg you going to genting with your college mates?!
    have funs(:

  2. Much appreciated! You missed out a lot!! Haha I hope we'll post something about the dinner soon =)

  3. hey! thanks for the wish teck jenn! =) and all the best for you exams!

  4. -.- thanks justin. i feel so much better knowing i missed out a lot. hahahaha.

    and jeremy already posted in his blog :O that was fast.

    yeah sk i am(: they're from all over the place, so...they never really been up there before. kay maybe got, but not as often as us.

    aaand you're welcomed philip(: thanks too :D