Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drunken Peeps

drunken peeps... drunken peeps and more drunken peeps hahahaha..
this is hilarious... if i managed to take pictures of them, it would be like a comic strip.. last night was the start of freshers week andddddddd practically the entire hall was out at the pubs and clubs.. and since my room is facing the main street, i see whoever that enters and comes in the hall and sooooo there was this huge group of drunken people walking down the street singing some song about...
yogi bear ==
anddd 15 minutes later, they're doing the exact same thing except in the opposite direction andd with a bigger crowd now.. hahahaha then comes the funny part.. it starts to RAIN!! wuahahahahahahaha.. then i hear screams and shouting and drunken people running all over the streets searching for cover hahahaha..
anyways, posted this because i had nothing to do tonight haha..
the view from my room.. pretty awesome parks around here.. there is this park down the road which is the biggest i've seen in my life O.O hahaha.. it dwarfs any freaking park in kl at least.. haha..

andd just got my student carddd.. and i look like a freakin mainland chinese...

and that is my bus pass for 1 term... cost me 87 pounds O.O all the ringgits gone!!! :'(

anyways... thats all from bored meeeeeeee haha till next time

Monday, September 20, 2010


Are such huge noobs. Seriously. For today, i hate cats. I'm usually okay with em, but today, they suck.

Don't, i repeat, DON'T fall for the face of evil folks.

Oh hi everyone :D I'm back from Turkey. Don't expect a blog post about it up so soon. Speshally you, Pc. Turkey is BEAUTIFUL! I love Turkey! I miss Turkey now ):

Neway, CATS. Yes. So today, great day I arrived home at around 6 or 7am-ish and was tired so i went back to sleep in my room. I entered my room and it smelled kind of weird, like, this weird stale smell. I thought maybe its just cause i haven't been using the room, nobody's been in it, no air circulation yano? The windows have been closed, fans off, never turned on the air-cond...and perhaps a bit dusty already.

So yeah, I didn't thought so much about it, and i just scooted into bed, covered myself with my blanket, and went to sleep.

6 hours later, waking up in the noon. I asked my dad if he did anything to my room, cause i saw like this PVC glue thing outside on the table. And he said no, he only used it to fixed something in the bathroom. He asked why, and i said cause there was a weird smell. Very weird smell.

Few seconds later, he said, "Maybe its the cats."
Then my mom said, "Oh yeah, maybe it is the cats!"
Because lately, for the past few months already, a couple of cats have been hanging around the condo, and one or two (used to be one, but now my dad said 2) always comes into my house through the balcony, and they wreck the place up by jumping on tables and getting to the food thats there, like bread, or boxes of food.

And too many times already i go to the bathroom during the night when the lights are out and suddenly i see a figure below my feet scurrying across the living room/hallway to the bathroom, which just FREAKS ME OUT. Damn it. They run out from the kitchen to the exit which is the balcony door, Or sometimes, through my parents' room's window, when we close the balcony sliding door for the night.

SO, apparently, during the week that i was gone, these little kitties, must have entered the house again, AND MADE MY ROOM THEIR LIVING SPACE OR SOMETHING. At first i thought, okay maybe just the smell of cats. Then my mom said "I think they peed or pooped in your room lah."

Then everything made sense.

Why the room smelled so weird. Why i was feeling itchy all over after waking up. I thought it was because of the dust, or cause i didn't bathe after i came home from my flight.

We soon discovered the source of the smell. Which was really, more of my blanket. Which soaked through my 2nd blanket (yes i use two). Which soaked through the bedsheets. Which soaked all the way through to the mattress.

Damn sad, me ):

We quickly took out all bedsheets, pillowsheets and all other sheets and put em in the washing machine. Then there it was, a patch of visible cat pee on the mattress. AND, not only one patch, but a few huge ones too! LIKE DUDE, HOW MANY TIMES DID THEY PEE ON IT. But we suspect more than one cat was responsible for it. I mean, it must have taken lots of pee to soak through THAT much and create a big patch right?

I, immediately went to take a shower of course, feeling absolutely disgusted. Scrubbed myself clean. My parents, kindly helped to clean and mopped my room :O My mom damn efficient. ♥ They even moved the mattress out to the balcony to let the sun shine on it by the time i finished bathing. According to my mom, the patch on the mattress was still a bit damp, so it must have been pretty recent.

BLOODY HELL! Who do these cats think they are! Coming into my house, clawing on our bread bags, dropping stuffs on the floor after attempting to jump on/off the table. And now, not only living and sleeping in my room on MY BED, but PEEING ON IT TOO? Too much. Too much seriously.

Why i oughta >:( If i get my hands on those kitties, I'll push their puny little faces on the patch of pee on my bed and say "SMELL IT, NOOB, SMELL YOUR PEEEEEEEEE!" But i can only imagine, because i still wouldn't do something so cruel to animals >:(

And to think i used to be so nice to them, even when they entered the house. Cause sometimes, they didn't manage to run the right way to the exit, and they either end up in the bathroom or my sister's room, under the bed. Normally, my parents would shoo them out crudely (not physically violent, of course).

But I, i nicely coo them to come out of hiding with food, then i'll pet them on the head to gain some trust before they run back in again, then i'll nicely carry them out and lay them nicely on the balcony again or out the main door, then close the balcony door, and say byebye (:


I have always thought that cats are very arrogant animals. Still do. They cross the roads like they own em. Explains the amount of dead kitties i always see on the road.

I hate cats.
No, i hate the cats at my condo. Who come into my house. And ruin things. And pee on my bed.

I like the cats in Turkey.

Okay thats all now, if you managed to read this essay, congratulations :D

Cats are noobs.

Why, yes, I am wearing underpants on my head. The real question is: why aren’t you? (via charliethebeerguy)


It’s as if some sort of invisible force-field is preventing me from getting through the cat flap. (via Charlie_Anne)

Hmm. Let’s rethink this. (via superoogie)

Cats are EVIL.

I’ve got to get these teeth looked at.

No hard feelings for those who love cats man! I still like em too (I show you cats from Turkey :D). Just not the ones around my condo and the ones that pee. on. my. bed.

Anyway, to SHERN YANG! Sorry i couldn't make it to your gathering ): TAKE CARE and have fun IN UK! :D

And Yong Ching's too, urgh. I missed so many .______.

And Zoo Negara...

Okay goodnight everybody. I finished my rant.
Tonight, I sleep with no bed. :(

p.s I don't know what happened to the colours on my post. Why can't i colour em? except for those few lines.

Manchester peeps.. =)

Hello beautiful people.. hahaha
anyways, reached manchester on friday and it has beeeennn cold.. haha.. 12 degrees average with the darn winds and rains..
havent started taking pictures yet though.. havent gotten the time or want to start yet.. hahaha.. ermmm not many asians in my hall, just met this chinese dude on the street, he was so happy to meet a fellow chinese hahahaha.. anddd i think i just spoke to the dude in the chinese chinese accent hahaha..
OH and internet here is blazing.. hahaha.. tried loading a youtube vid and zip it was done and I was like O.O gooshhhh this hasnt happen to me in awhile hahaha..
anyways, partying scene here is crazy.. people are getting wasted on their first day here.. but being a good boy of course i'm not there or wasted hahaha.. but yea, smoking, drinking, clubbing, getting wasted is the fav activity for them here.. sadly... =(
DOMINOS!! pizza here is 4.99 quid for a personal.. hah
to all them devil fans.. sorry for lousy pic quality, took this with my phone.. hah

the A380!! sweeeetttt hahaha.. probably the biggest highlight of my trip here.. =D

some pics up there.. will upload more when i start taking more pics haha.. till then cheers =)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Can you spot Shern Yang & Zhen Feng in the second picture?

group_shot_shirt_candid DSC_1823

My apologies to the people on the left (especially Jeremy who should be taller).

Friday, September 17, 2010


Jimmy, this picture's for you. :)

Semoga berjaya, Datuk PC.

And now we will await updates from SY!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Browsing through old pictures on a rainy day =\

(I dont know why im updating the blog again)

Anyways, today i decided to look at my photo collection after it got neglected for a long period of time. Some stuff were just ridiculous. No Joke.

(Y) Hi SW
er... hi SW again =)

Hi Teck Jenn =)

LOLOLOLOL HI ALVIN LOL, btw i dont know why i have this pic
Best roof ever
What happened to Jimmy after high school, haih ...

The END !!! ..... hopefully To Be Continued with more pics in the future.

This ends my hour of laughing to myself cause of all the retarded pics in my com =)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

why can't the darn holidays come already

Been thinking too much and my brain has been on OT ever since i got back.

Maths test tomorrow. But its been to long a stretch since i've had no exams on my hands. So, screw it for now !!

I dont wanna blog bout my semester or my subjects, cause i am doing 5 subjects and all they give me is stress and exams. Antisocial much :(


Do we get to see stuff like these ???

Or maybe even this xD

Looking forward to the darn trip =) Cause if all you do is stay at home and facebook and watch gameshows or dramas, is not a very happening nor interesting way to pass time =.=""

OH BTW, winter is sadly over. and you can see all the new buds on trees coming out. No more BALD trees for xianhui =D

anyways, thats all, feels like im updating just for the sake of updating (which is kinda true)
I'm a horrible blogger.

ps. see you sooon my black melbourne buddy and pc =)

pps. hi mh. you a lot of time now? post something on the blog too.