Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drunken Peeps

drunken peeps... drunken peeps and more drunken peeps hahahaha..
this is hilarious... if i managed to take pictures of them, it would be like a comic strip.. last night was the start of freshers week andddddddd practically the entire hall was out at the pubs and clubs.. and since my room is facing the main street, i see whoever that enters and comes in the hall and sooooo there was this huge group of drunken people walking down the street singing some song about...
yogi bear ==
anddd 15 minutes later, they're doing the exact same thing except in the opposite direction andd with a bigger crowd now.. hahahaha then comes the funny part.. it starts to RAIN!! wuahahahahahahaha.. then i hear screams and shouting and drunken people running all over the streets searching for cover hahahaha..
anyways, posted this because i had nothing to do tonight haha..
the view from my room.. pretty awesome parks around here.. there is this park down the road which is the biggest i've seen in my life O.O hahaha.. it dwarfs any freaking park in kl at least.. haha..

andd just got my student carddd.. and i look like a freakin mainland chinese...

and that is my bus pass for 1 term... cost me 87 pounds O.O all the ringgits gone!!! :'(

anyways... thats all from bored meeeeeeee haha till next time


  1. ehh awesome got park just down the road! :D

  2. yupp go google map it.. haha you'll see one massive platt fields park there.. haha