Monday, September 20, 2010

Manchester peeps.. =)

Hello beautiful people.. hahaha
anyways, reached manchester on friday and it has beeeennn cold.. haha.. 12 degrees average with the darn winds and rains..
havent started taking pictures yet though.. havent gotten the time or want to start yet.. hahaha.. ermmm not many asians in my hall, just met this chinese dude on the street, he was so happy to meet a fellow chinese hahahaha.. anddd i think i just spoke to the dude in the chinese chinese accent hahaha..
OH and internet here is blazing.. hahaha.. tried loading a youtube vid and zip it was done and I was like O.O gooshhhh this hasnt happen to me in awhile hahaha..
anyways, partying scene here is crazy.. people are getting wasted on their first day here.. but being a good boy of course i'm not there or wasted hahaha.. but yea, smoking, drinking, clubbing, getting wasted is the fav activity for them here.. sadly... =(
DOMINOS!! pizza here is 4.99 quid for a personal.. hah
to all them devil fans.. sorry for lousy pic quality, took this with my phone.. hah

the A380!! sweeeetttt hahaha.. probably the biggest highlight of my trip here.. =D

some pics up there.. will upload more when i start taking more pics haha.. till then cheers =)


  1. SY! I didn't know you were blogging the same time as me! :D woot hello.

  2. hahaha.. hello teck jenn.. how was turkey? nice right?? the scenery now must be super beautiful now...

  3. HAHAHA TJENN DON'T LIE. i bet you saw sy's post so you quickly posted yours to push his down! :O

    i kid. haha awesome stuff sy. look forward to more pics and posts :DD

  4. hahah good one pc.
    anyways HI SY! i bet you're making then red devils fans quite jealous!
    and you must blog more on the lifestyle there and whatever. I WANT TO KNOW HOW U ABSTAIN FROM GETTING SUCKED INTO THE CLUBBING SCENE. you make it sound so.. rampant. O.O
    but yeah like u said, u memang good boy la(:

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  6. :O NO I DID NOT!
    i bet thats what you do..

    and YES SY! Turkey is awesomeeeeeeeeee :D:D Yeah the scenery, super super beautiful lor. why did i had to come back so soon .____.

  7. hehe nolah.. teck jenn's post was first. i think its the time difference.. messing with me now.. haha
    hmmmmm.. is it autumn in turkey? i had the same feeling tooo... didnt want to come back hahaha.. did you see them oversized fat cats? haha..