Monday, October 18, 2010

London =D

and sooo.. i was in london 8-10th october.. and it was freaking nice =)
had to rush from class that ended at 4 to the train station for the 4:15 train and thank God the station is just 5 minutes walk from my faculty.. hehe.. and gosh the brits are OCD about punctuality.. the train left 4:15 on the dot! haha.. the train was awesome, the doors itself is so cool haha.. anyways, the train was delayed and i reached london euston about 6:35 and it was jam packed in there, but thank goodness i met up with my cousin and he lent me his oyster card(touch n go card) to ride the tube.. Got to the freakishly huge o2 arena just in time for the hillsong night session. it was nice to be there with friends and all hehe..
the o2
anyways went back to my cousin's place at north cavendish street which is very near UCL. and his entrance door opens automatically! i didnt realise till he stopped me from trying to close the door heh..
and sooo saturday we went to visit my other cousin at the westminster which is where the Big Ben, parliament, london eye and westminster abbey are.. and there was a protest outside the parliament hahaha..
never actually thought i'd see people protesting in tents and what not.. haha

the london eye from the river Thames
London Eye from where ever i was..

anyways, we headed back before lunch cuz my cousin had to attend a lunch for the Malaysian Society and Medalynn met him there... haha.. so I went to visit my friend (Michael Chow, the yongs should know him) in Imperial College.. ended up joining him for some fresher's picnic right opposite the Mechanical Engineering faculty.. haha.. really awesome place with super awesome accommodation and museums! and for dinner, met up with a few of my friends for this famous duck rice at four seasons in bayswater... almost got kicked out though.. psshhh terrible service.. haha anyways, it was 5.50 quid for a plate of duck rice and it was pretty good though.. and yes it is expensive but its as cheap as you're gonna get it for hah.. and that was dinner..

breakfast the next morning was nasi lemak and teh tarik at the malaysian hall.. kinda cool.. everything in there is subsidised by the malaysian government including the food.. so its pretty "authentic" in a way..
the nasi lemak and teh tarik that cost me 6.50 pounds O.O
hrmmmm only malaysians? interesting.. haha

and that was breakfast then we went to notting hill and the portobello market.. awesome place that sells vintage antique stuff like old clocks on the old warships and super old grandfather clocks.. and not to mention the super old notebooks wrapped in leather with the leather strap ties.. very nice.. =) and next was the museums!! museums here are freaking awesome!! the natural history museum is the best thing in the world IMHO hahaha..
anyways some of the pics i took..

and those are some of the awesome stuff you see at 1 section of the museum haha..
anyways that was pretty much my short trip in London... left for manchester 8:35pm reached 11pm.. and that was bits and pieces of my London trip =D

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Greetings from the UK!

HAPPY 101010 to you guys :))))))))))) I can't wish you guys personally because firstly I don't wanna spam on facebook, secondly the time difference is retarded so its almost 11 in Malaysia, 2AM in Australia and 4PM in UK. Woohoooooooo. BTW LETS GET OOVOO AGAIN, MMF we must do this! :)

I'm not sure if you want updates but I've been alright. Not good but alright, simply surviving. And I shall post some pictures? :) UK trees are awesome btw, they're greeeeeeeeeeeeeeen everywhere and brown autumn leaves ♥♥

ANYWAY, I updated :D There's Turkey?!! Tasmania?!!! What else? GOGOGO PPL, I love to read :D

and again, HAPPY 101010 ♥

This is the Maths and Stats building, woohoo.

damn blogger doesn't let me put colours. 101010 is blue, oovoo is pink, happy 101010 ♥ is green, LOL BYE.