Monday, May 25, 2009

Wat The Ma De

I'm seriously damn frustrated and dulan now. You wanna know why?
Ma de!! Actually I alrdy planned a trip to pangkor for my classmates. Everything was done d. Hotel booked liao, bus tickets gonna buy d nex morning. Then suddenly last night, all d girls in my class berkomplot say they cannot go. I was like "wat the ma de?!?!?" kanasai. Left 5 guys can go oni. SO..this morning, instead of buying bus tickets, I called the hotel to cancel my booking -.-

And then just now something sohai happened also.

I drove to the golf club to hit some balls after a few months of not playing. After that I went to the gym to me"leng-chai"kan myself. When I finished everything, I went to my car and turned the ignition. Guess what?? My car couldn't start. DIU. And i realised I din off my headlamps(for 5hrs!!). Kebodohan to the MAX. BTW this wasn't my first time I forgot to off the lights. Then I had to call AAM. Lan jiao service take 1hr and 15 mins to come. I wait there like beggar oni -.-
Finally i reached home at 9.30, eat, then online.

Sorry for another EMO post


  1. haha. relax brother. no pangkor then congkak? did you manage to call tourism selangor?

  2. haha. nvm lah. lesson learnt.

    next time, COLLECT DEPOSIT.

    then they won't run away or ffk>:)

  3. OR. dont organize, not alone at least. one fella do this one fella do that. one ffk the others sure team up. haha

  4. Poor Jimmy,

    im still going on my trip with toal 6 guys only.

    This started with like 10 guys and 4 girls.

    SO, you know .....
    like that la ....

  5. HAHAHAHAHA NO GIRLS. girls memang like that, sorry to say. one girl don't go another one follows end up all don't go *shakes head* anyways, HII JIMMY ITS GONNA BE OKAY : D