Sunday, July 19, 2009

TV Shows

Yo. I’m here to talk bout TV shows. More like one TV show, specifically.

Just happened to watch some game show on tele just now - DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS.

It’s like WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, just that the contestant isn’t asked questions, he/she has to sing several lines of the lyrics of a song (karaoke style), and at the end, three or four words would be missing - they have to get those word right. And once they do, they will..


The concept of the game’s the same - it starts off with the contestant playing for a small amount of money. Get the first one right, the amount doubles, another round, doubles, and so on. Oh and they get to pick the category of the song they sing to as well - Rock, Pop, Classical, Love&Romance, etc.

Seriously. The first thing that came to my mind was “Wtheck these reality shows are just getting so..”
Then I realised that it was a game show, not a reality TV show. Nevertheless. Damn lame lo.

What’s next? A cross between So You Think You Can Dance & The Biggest Loser? Oh wait. there’s already a show for that. DANCE YOUR ASS OFF. Heard it’s on in Malaysia? Or coming soon? I dunno. It’s starting this week.

Ah you get my point.

Watch more of these television shows and SAVE THIS BLOG!!


  1. here? in malaysia? sure anot. dance your ASS off wor. either changed the name or censored d lah. :p hahaha. COOL. i shall watch out for it. whats it about? obese people dancing?

  2. okay maybe my friend simply say. hahaha im not really sure. from the ad, looks like fat ppl dancing with not-fat ppl, see which fat person loses more weight.


    just lazy to type 'overweight'.

  3. its called jangan lupa lirik over here