Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here Goes Nothing!

Well, I think Jimmy’s previous post was pretty.. workable?
So I shall attempt to give it a go, with a list of questions applicable to everyone!
(try to refrain from answering with just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’)

  1. How’s college lately, everyone busy with their own assignments?
    Or are anyone on holidays now?

  2. Do you think you have the heaviest workload / most stressful course?
    Or do you honestly think some other courses are really worse?

  3. Anything interesting happened in your week? Say.. got into a car accident, or caused one? xD

  4. What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to this weekend / next week?

  5. Do you think these 4 questions are dumb?

  6. If so, come up with your own question and answer it ==

  7. What do you feel like eating and drinking now?

  8. Any other cravings? Example, “I feel like going to the beach”?

  9. What’re your plans (if any) for next year, and the years after?

  10. What’s the ONE song you’re currently into and would like to share with everyone?

  11. Do you like Pokemon?
    Sorry but just happened to catch it on TV earlier this morning xD

  12. Give us a random fact about yourself.

Wa. Colourful.

Aight, that’s the best I could come up with.
Please answer these questions as comments so I won’t look
like a loser attempting to do something stupid. Hahaha enjoy!


  1. To get the ball rolling,

    1. currently on a short break before another round of tests(idunnoe how many liao) and trials

    2. I think my course is the worst, but i dont have the heaviest workload. people in my class dont seem to care less =.=

    3. err.... the most interesting thing : weekends are coming

    4. this weekend: nothing =D for now
    next week: accounts test AGAIN =.=

    5. i think i am dumb for answering these questions

    6. question: What did A say to B ?
    answer: B, SEE(C) D !!!!

    7. too full to think bout these

    8. I want to go to kinabalu

    9. I plan to join the oh so loved pingchien and zhenfeng in the land down under


    11. YES
    reason : it keeps the guys in my class busy, and not doing stupid things ( ie, wrestling in class )

    I will be bathing at 9.45pm (MALAYSIAN TIME)

  2. 1. yah. dam busy. assignments AND presentations. :(

    2. STRESS. but i guess mine isn't as stressed as others? what kinda question is this. i don't have as much accounts hw as sk(: but thats coz she noob.

    3. Hmm. KoreanGirl stayed in my house. Sis's friend from Korea :O Her name is Sumi. (Y) ...and because of THAT, i had to temporary switch rooms with my sis, coz my room bigger. AND. IM SICK. :(:(

    4. this week? chill. next week? not looking forward to it. FINALS NEXT WEEK. techincally it begins on sat, but its still next week.

    5. Ho humm.

    6. Joke of the day:
    Why did Mr. Bean climb over the glass wall?
    To see what was on the other side. :D

    7. Anything and everything. But i'm sick now, so i can't :( i want ice cream. and tau sar pneah. and siu pau. and juice works. and. char siew rice. HEHEHEHEHHZXHZHXZHXZ.


    8. I feel like going to the beach. :D and shopping. zomgodzx dam long never shop. ):

    9. No plans. nope. nada. :/ okay maybe a tiny hint that i'll most prolly be twinning. stay in help, then

    I know one song. but whats the harm in more right?
    I wanna love you - The Maine. A cover of Akon's song :D

    11. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! Vulpix! :D:D

    12. I need to eat fruits everyday or my day will not be complete :D
    I like yellow.
    I need to pee. coz i drank too much water. coz i got sorethroat and cough.

    ..oh sorry, ONE random fact? (:

    TEEJAY IS DONE. :D hey pingchien you should answer your own questions too! hahahah.

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  4. because i nice. and i got nothings to do nows and i feel like shit so yeah. sampatness. i like the colours.

    1. college has been fine lah. no stress yet but its coming. i can see it coming. die loh.

    2. YES. no. YES. no. i honestly don't know. everyone thinks their course is like -______- don't you think?

    3. yes. how can one have so much tears?

    4. the weekends sounds relaxing. i shall hide in my room. next week, more test jeez.

    5. no i don't think so.

    6. why don't i think so? so that i don't have to come up with my own question and answer it. too lazy to think.

    7. i don't feel like eating or drinking. surprisingly. come on, i'm suppose to be always hungry.

    8. in fact, i do wanna go to the beach. actually more like disappearing from the face of the earth. just learnt gravitational force today. anyway, i wanna disappear.

    9. i plan to disappear. good idea right?

    10. what if by safety suit. triggered everything man. but nevertheless, good song. please download.

    11. i did. i love jigglypuff. i want one. so that it could sing me to sleep every night.

    12. i am ________. well i don't know. sad at the moment.

    i sound like a total loser wei. damn emofied, gonna commit suicide or something. excuse me, its just bad timing. i probably don't even make sense. hello goodbye world.

  5. 1.Thanks for reminding me, classes starts next next week. Damn...

    2. hahaha definitely not as stressful as Choong Hern!

    3. I only realized my road tax expired ONE MONTH ago when I got stopped in a road block. =)But Malaysia Boleh! haha

    5. Well coming from PC, nope. not at all. =D

    6. When will PC be coming back? DECEMBER! kk lame...

    7. Feel like eating roast duck and drinking RIBENA!

    8. Yeah wanna travel so badly!

    9. Gonna enrol into HARVARD or any of the IVY LEAGUES i guess. =D

    10. Tonight by FM Static.

    11. When I was younger yeah. PIKACHU!

    12. My hair is too long. In need to cut!

  6. Okay I answer my own questions.

    1. SUPPOSED to be busy xD

    2. Highly doubt so. But the workload's pretty constant.

    3. Drank for the first time since coming here (I think) last night at a friend's birthday party.

    4. Next Saturday - we're organizing a movie marathon. Tribute the Heath Ledger!

    5. Pretty.

    6. What am I doing now? Watching Superman Returns on tv.

    7. Had dinner not so long ago, quite stuffed.

    8. I feel like going to the market tomorrow morning and also get myself a smoothie before coming back.

    9. Probly gonna stick with architecture, not sure which uni though.

    10. BEP - I've Got A Feeling

    11. Duh. Who doesn't? Hahaha.

    12. No way am I gonna cut my hair short again. (not anytime soon at least)

  7. 1) Busy and very packed time table. Imagine 8.00am to 6.15pm of class =D

    2) Stressfull but I think others are facing the same too.

    3) It was too interesting to be mentioned. xD

    4) Nothing to look forward to besides being a nerd. Cause i got a test next week.

    5) Nah. Its just some catch up lines.

    6) By my tax lecturer Q: "How to earn a relief of RM3,500 for tax exemption?" A: "Disable your wife" =0

    7) Milo Ping

    8) I feel like going to Kuala Pilah

    9) Do good in studies, musicianship, relationship and body shape? lol

    10) Skipalong - Lenka

    11) YES! Still having those trading cards with me

    12) I'm very happy nowadays and hopefully it will end a happy ending.