Monday, July 13, 2009

~~Char Siew~~ Mmmm....

Woooo...just randomly telling you ppl. These past few days i keep thinking about char siew :P

Wahh cannot tahan liao ever since i went to Famous Seremban Favourites in Aman Suria.

Seriously wei, evrytime college break time i think of driving all the way there just to eat char siew -.-

Aiyo talking about it making me hungry liao. Eh nex time FATS dunid play badminton la...just go eat oni hahaha

Yong Ching, Ping Chien, Zhen Feng.... You are missing this. Awww


  1. objective baru FATS?

    eat FATS?

  2. CHARSIEW. i had siew yoke the other time, no char siew so far. hahaha

  3. got lah. just not as good and oily and fatty as the aman suria one(: