Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friends in overseas

Hey people who r not in malaysia!!!

Questions for you guys:

1. Have you grown sideways??
2. Have you grown vertically?
3. Any changes to yourself you would like to tell us?
4. Any changes you are too shy to tell us?
5. Are you bored with life over there?
6. How is it like over there?
7. Rate the hotness of the girls at your place 1-10
8. Rate the hotness of the guys at your place (i'm not interested ==) 1-10
9. Is the food as good?
10. Any new relationships?
11. Met any celebrities?
12. Have you done anything embarassing?
13. What is the latest movie you have watched?
14. Do you like Megan Fox?

Lastly, do you miss us?


  1. 1. I don't think so.
    2. As much as you have grown Jimmy.
    3. I pronounce '3' as 'three', not 'tree' anymore xD
    4. Because of that, I tend to mess up my other words.
    5. Sometimes, yes.
    6. It was cold yesterday, and it was freaking hot in the afternoon just now.
    7. It's saddening I tell you.
    8. Got me so..
    9. Yes the food is pretty good, but nothing beats authentic Malaysian food!
    10. Friendships count?
    11. I look myself in the mirror everyday.
    12. Not that I'm aware of.. o.o
    13. Transformers 2. Wanna watch Harry Potter, Drag Me To Hell, and GI Joe.
    14. Yes Jimmy.
    Lastly, YES.


    okay, that's 1/3 of the comments youre gonna get.

  2. <33

    rate the guys. got you, so...means...? (A)
    hahahahhaha. YEY JIMMY! (Y)

  3. haha nothingggggggggggggggggg.

  4. 1. nope
    2. i think very little
    3. im allergic to dust
    4. if im shy to tell you all y would i tell you all now? but nope, i think...
    5. yeap, iplay games as my pass time, no friends
    6. the weather is wierd, somtimes hot sometimes cold
    7. 6 i guess? is 10 like megan fox?
    8. 6. alot of muscular ppl like jimmy.
    9. most of the time, i eat my own cooking. as you can see im healthy now, so no food poisoning was involved.
    10. well...yes
    11. nope
    12. i keep waiting for the car to go when the car is waiting for me to go...
    13. transformers 2
    14. yes...
    15. i miss being with you guys, especially since i have no frineds at all except for a few clss mates that just hi and bye and three roommates. so, YES!