Thursday, July 9, 2009

MY CAR T.T sob sob

8.30am 3/7/2009 i was driving normally towards college. Then suddenly from my left...BANGGG!! BOOOOMM!! BAAAMMMM!!!! KAPOOOOMM!!! BOODABAMBAMBAM!!!!!! My car was ruined by a Mercedes Benz C230 no. plate WQG 8993.

It's a guy...surprised me too

The fella's car threw my SAGA off like a toy.

Kanasai i dam speechless.....that day supposed to go lembing summore. Now hv to make police report and blablabla -.-

Oh and my tyre exploded.
Boom boom pow!! Flat tyre i stand outside my car =.= and i was late for college

Pics of my 'wonderful saga'-

Don't buy national cars