Friday, February 19, 2010

Actual Post

For those of you who don’t know, I moved into my new place just yesterday. After spending 2 hours to buy groceries and some household stuff, thought I’d just snap a few photos around the house to post em up here.


The guy who owns this house owns the paint shop which is back-to-back with the house. He’s renting it out to this other guy who has been staying here for 6 months. But he’s pretty busy with work so he only comes home in the evening and is away every weekend. I’m renting a room.


According to the first guy, this is one of the first houses built in the area, which means in dates way back to the 1880’s. More than a century wei.


The kitchen which I have access to, of course.


And the bathroom/laundry. Major bonus of this bathroom is it has heated lights (or whatever you call em). No more freezing myself during the early winter mornings!


Living room - not sure if I’ll be spending much time here. Unless of course if I need to use the table there to draw as the desk in my room’s pretty small.


As you can see in the corner there. He just brought a washing machine over earlier today, and will be bringing a cabinet/wardrobe for me later. Hence, the unpacked luggage bags on the floor.

That’s bout it I guess. It’s about a 15 minute walk from here to campus, 5 minutes to a mini mart, and less than a minute to a cafe, and across the road from a bakery.

BUT it’s also a 20-30 minute walk northwards to the supermarket and 30 minutes southwards to another supermarket and a department store. 45 minutes to the city centre.

Lazy? Ride the Metro bus for an entire day for only RM10 ==

I like your house Choong Hern. xD

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  1. the living room looks homey :D
    wah, all that walking you're gonna do. your daily exercise (Y)