Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello again, i have nothing to do =.=" and none of you are online =.="

Since SK so interested.... this is my backyard. View from my room =)

Sibeh smart . Throw shoes into the tree. I can't remember what movie this was from where they did the same thing.

This tree is right outside my room.

Anyways, this is my timetable. Unlike ZF & Jenn, i do not have any OFF days. =.=

Look at the wonderful hours =D

btw, ZF look at the dates of my sem. ( in your face xD )

Hi MH,

ni hao, HoW Is U wor~~~~~~ AHAHHAHAHAHHA


  1. wtf ch. don't think u in aus u can say that. go away

  2. HAHAHA mh u dam funnys:D
    Is oKiee marsxz ^^'
    ok pls don't kill me my sister typed that.

    no shaddap don't visit tassie or melb.

    visit MALAYsia.

    omg i type HaHa all the "LL" come out sorrys.
    and ch. my thursdays are the longest for this sem too IT SUCKKSSS.

    but long not 9-2. more like 8-FOURTHIRTY haih:(

  3. btw. your backyard is cool!
    the trees are really nice:D the leaves look like bamboo leaves.
    when i visit you, we can re-enact some hindi dancing~ ;)

  4. oh right. i forgotten bout msia. and sk, why you comment on my comment under this post, not the other post where i posted that comment? :S

    eucalyptus. is that how you spell it?

  5. HAHAH.
    thurs longest, but friday no break wei :l poor you ch. bring sandwich (Y)
    its okay ch, monday can be like your off day, one class only :)

    i like where you're staying! very homey :D brick walls are cool.