Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fine, my turn again

Hello guys, i just got back from a 3d2n trip @ milson island.

Its an international student trip so i got to meet people from norway, germany, columbia, china, USA, kenya .... bla bla bla ...

Anyways, it did not rain at all for the 3days, but it was so freaking hot.

My friend said : with all the heat, suddenly i do not miss malaysia so much anymore

another said : i'm Indian already

oh right, met Indians there too...

btw, every time we speak fluent English, people go : OMG YOU HAVE BEEN HERE A WEEK AND YOUR ENGLISH IS SO GOOD =.=" (some Chinese go : i speak no eeeenggelishhss)

AND when we speak mandarin, the Chinese go OMG are you speaking mandarin ?!?!

AND when we said something in Cantonese, the HongKees are like O.O

so ... are we just to speak MALAY ?!?!?!??

ANYWAYS, im back home, and YES i would like to walk around naked cause its so hot....

so i just walk around the house in boxers, yay....


  1. HAHAH YES agreed. funnys :)
    we are coolzxz. multilingual.