Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm sorry, but whaaat?!

"Michael Jackson dead at 50."
"Michael Jackson Dies of Reported Cardiac Arrest."
"Rock Hall mourns loss of Michael Jackson"
"King of Pop Michael Jackson is dead."
"RIP Michael Jackson."
Can you believe it?



  1. its so random. and the whole facebook is about him. seriously :/ nooooooooooooooooooooo. i loved thriller ♥

  2. i thought they were bullshitting on the radio this morning

    anyways hopee he RIP

    we were singging 'heal' the world' during spec maths this morning, cikgu ku pun amat the besar fan

    ps. im having econs class now

  3. i guess this is life la. you won't know what will happen. speechless but. well. have to accept

  4. yah i saw fb. dam flooded -.- at first it was like all "RIP MJ" i was thinking who the heck is MJ. -.-.---.-.-

    hahah thats nice ch (: nice song.

    and yes, mh(:

  5. what a guy.. such talent.. but screwed up his life instead =/

  6. damn wth. after my exam this morning, while walking to the city, a friend suddenly told us he died. and yeah, sad thing.

    oh and i was watching a special programme just now. like a dedication to him or something. and realised i've never actually watched any of his MVs before. maybe just 2 or 3 of em. out of so many. hmm.

  7. MJ will always be a legend! regardless of all the scandals he was involved in. Truly a talent.

  8. its like im seeing facebook all over, HERE!
    this so so cool. but anyways.
    except that i didn't have any classmates to sing with:l
    but well regarding his death, i think some ppl are being hypocrites MAJOR.
    2 days ago, asked about what heshe thought bout MJ they would've said "bloody bastard fkn paedophile look cbf ugly summore etcetc" and now they're all "RIP MJ YOU'RE A LEGEND AND WE LOVE YOU YOU WILL ALWAYS REMAIN IN OUR HEARTS"
    no im just ranting here not pointing this towards anyone k(:
    though i do not worship him or think of him any more than a veryold singer, the news was a shock, coz i bet no one saw it coming. so. yeah.
    ranting WOOOOOOOO.
    rip MJ.

  9. MJ was so cool. His dance moves were exceptional. At least now he is free of those nonsense scandals :) RIP MJ