Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jim, What a post to start off the month of June

Friends, Eye pain looking at all those words. though i am using some of those. :D

well. this is going to be short. Jimmy just got back from melaka, and choonghern is on his way to redang. and whoever that is enjoying his/her holiday, have fun.

But i'm abit busy with college just started, i do not wish to drag my work, trying to clear everything as soon as possible. But its seems is not easy to do so.

This post is pointless. i'm just doing so to cover up all the words listed in the previous two post. Hey, there might be kids reading this blog. haha. who knows. =)

So thats all i guess. Holiday ppl keep enjoying, busy ppl continue being busy.

I will post something either tmr or wednesday. Something ermm.. interesting hopefully? Atleast interesting to myself. okay. so good night everyone.

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