Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Just came back from Melaka on Sunday.. Went down for a "gathering" with my parent's Teluk Intan secondary school friends =D

Anyways, before I start, I HATE Malaysian road systems!! Took us FREAKIN 4 hours to get to Melaka! Jam all the way from Nilai to Seremban toll to Melaka ==

another accident...

Anyways, finally got to Melaka then..... jam again.......... I think Melaka has like the largest number of traffic lights in any state of Malaysia cuz seriously.. its like driving every few hundred meters and then stopping again. Damn frustrating!! We were going so freaking slow the GPS unit was registering our average speed at 61km/h and that was on the highway..
And since we weren't familiar with Melaka roads, we couldn't find the hotel XD haha.. and the GPS led us to the wrong direction.. led us to a closed road == Haha.. So after like 1 hour, we eventually found the hotel.. Naza Hotel, owned by the guy that owns Naza haha.. Pretty nice hotel though, quite a big room.
ying qian... destiny awaits.. haha..

sexy car XD

menara taming sari

??? bumiputera hotel??

how does this work??

So after checking in, went for lunch.. it was 5 already.. met up with my dad's friends and went to Jonker Street for chicken rice balls =P Pretty good but had to wait la..
chicken rice balls... and the line..

not enough balls??

After that, CENDOL!! Haha.. Melaka cendol rocks man =D Haha.. after cendol, went for more cendol XD
cendol!! XD

san shu gong!! cendol here is awesome!

poodle.. sad sad poodle..

look at the determination.. Haha..

hard candy anyone?

jonker street.. packed as ever

colourful evening sky of melaka =)

Then went for dinner in some nyonya restaurant and the food was awesome! (No pics though, haha.. too hungry edi.. )
Then after dinner, my dad suggested satay celup. he just cant stop eating.. so went hunting for satay celup but the shops were closed.. then... my dad's friend said that there was one very famous one in bukit cina.
bukit cina satay celup.. and the line again..

So we went.. Haha.. mind you that was 12 midnight and they still cant fill up their stomachs.. tagging along finally reached the place and my goodness the queue was LONG!!
right people... don't be misled.. XD

We waited anyways, and my eyes were killing me. Been wearing contacts from 9 till then so yea.. imagine the dryness.. Haha..
Anyways, finally got a place but we(the younger ones) were already so full, just took a few sticks just for the sake of it.. and... it was alright la.. nothing to shout about

and that was all we took.. seriously..

Then came the worst part, getting back to the hotel.. we couldn't find out way back == so we were going round and round and round and there was a police block.. they sealed off the road back to the hotel!!! Damn cops.. so we went round and round again and finally they reopened the road. And driving through that road was the scariest thing ever.. There were MASSES of MALAYS gathering in front of the UMNO and MCA building for who knows what reason. It was like some riot, dressed in black, with their motos and cigarettes.. scary.. didnt dare to take pictures of them though.. haha.. So at 1 am, we reached the hotel. Had a shower, took off those contacts and dozed off..

graffiti invades melaka

shot by the river side

woke up at 9 for breakfast with everyone.. followed a melaka friend for breakfast and seriously locals know their food spots well.. Haha.. had laksa, pai tee, popiah, nasi lemak and it was GOOD =)
more cendol =)

After breakfast, went for more cendol.. Haha.. talk about cendol craze. we went to this road side stall and it was pretty good.. I think i'm addicted to gula melaka edi.. Haha.. And just before leaving melaka, somebody came up with the idea of beef noodles.. So. had to tag along. But it was good, pretty good =) but the OUG one is still my favourite hehe..

beef noodles

So at around 1, we left for home.. and.. as usual, jam again ==.. left at 1, reached home at around 5.30.. so yea.. sucks.. Haha..
Well, thats all from me...


  1. awesome post. sad to say, i havent had chicken rice balls before ):

  2. haha.. its nothing.. just ping pong sized balls of rice XD

  3. that's nice. PC, my area there got chicken rice ball. WE BRING YOU WHEN YOU COME BACK KAY! only if you promise not to con me.

  4. TROPICANA GOT CHICKEN RICE BALL?? wtheck. or you shift to melaka di? HAHAHA i didnt con you. the queen did

  5. sy. thats why its cool. hahaha

  6. ahh. i see that we hv a melaka tour guide(:

  7. Yes I so agree with you! Melaka has got soooooooo many traffic lights that it is so annoying!

    Plus, the weather there is exceptionally hot! Dunno why..

  8. Hey i went to Melaka also!! But a week before u i tink. I spent 4 days 3 nights der. Nvr spend mor den 2 days 1 night der man. Its boring...

  9. shern yang...

    for your information, i amamember of the pertubuhan confucius melaka..haha!!! didn't i told you about it?

    btw.. u better get ready for my cd as i am coming back soon!!!

  10. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA his destiny has been fulfilled?

  11. hey shern yang,
    i always eat the tangkak beef noodles when i go back to my home town...