Sunday, June 14, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone, Ping Chien here - i think it’s good that we state who we are first before we blog. Otherwise it’s quite == to read a post, not knowing who’s the author. Or having to scroll down to see who it is first. Maybe it’s just me. ANYWAYS.PB270077

You better not eat
You better not drink
You better not dance
I’m telling you why
Tan Ying Qian
has returned to town?

Grab your keys and head out for the once in a 2-month-time opportunity to meet and greet the all new man who has returned from the land down under [Malaysia] and see the drastic change that has fallen upon him!

Don’t ask me why but I seriously have no idea why I’m promoting his return xD Waiting for someone to organize an outing, where lotsa pictures of YingQian v.Apr09 will be taken and posted here!

Also, I dunno what to update my own blog with. I shopped for clothing the first time since coming to Melbourne today. I’m now a proud owner of an awesome black jacket. And that’s about it from me now.

Till the next person updates.


  1. ping chien..

    nvm la...i will feel shy le...if u all laugh at me..hahaha:)

  2. 9kg huh.. We'll see... I'm gonna take pictures of yq when he comes to take his cd XD

  3. shern yang..have u ready with the cd??

    cos i might get the cd from u on wednesday..MAYBE la..

  4. omg. he and his online DIARY-.-