Friday, September 18, 2009

CH wishes PC a Happy YESTERDAY punya birthday *insert retarded smile*

Am i the last one .....

anyways i just got home but HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY pingchien

i dunnoe exactly how many years i've known you but ... its been long, even though we dont have that much to talk about always

well ... looking forward to our next outing when you get back, cant wait to see how our dvd seller looks like , btw you better not have an accent....

and also its pretty sad these are the only pics of us ....

we do not have a pic together besides this one down there =( heh heh

welll .... hope you had a great day =D seeee you soooon.
happy birthday to you~~
happy birthday to you~~~
happy birthday to dvd-lou ~~~
happy birthday to you ~~~
xoxo, bye byes
btw. still calling you dvd lou shows how long we havent seen you in person
btw x2. while typing this, i just found out another nephew was born today(as in yesterday). SO he has the same birthday as you +D

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