Friday, September 18, 2009


Phew. Longest title on MMF so far I think. xD

Don’t worry SK, I read everyone’s posts last night (or rather, this morning), and XianHui’s just now. Just thought I’d reply to everyone as a whole via this post! :D

So lemme start off by saying a very big THANK YOU to everyone of you for wishing me, and also to those who wished me repeatedly. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!

Alvin, I have no idea what KNN is == HAHA have fun with math and yay you number one! xD

Yi-Vonne, I don’t get the *WINK x100* part! Haha no need to apologize for anything laa. Stay talkative! :p

Justin, sadly, I wasn’t naughty-ing anywhere. What “surprise gift”? :s SLOWLY WAIT!!

Jeremy, I come back only you buy Canon for me la :p And I don’t even have those pics! hahaha

Kent, I BITE YOUR KETIAK! HAHAHAHAHHAA don’t you see Mr Yu every week? Oh yeah, coll ==

Ming Hong, I had no idea the posts were scheduled and thanks for singing, it was raining here too. You can ask ZF how we were waiting for the tram in the rain! Not bad ah. xD

PC, I AM GOING TO DL THE LATEST VERSION OF WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER!! Ironic indeed. Haha yup, I’m waiting for all of that! Form1 times best laaa. xD

Teck Jenn, yes you’ve wished me soooo many times. THANKYOU. Yay can celebrate my birthday in December!! How cool would that be :p And YEAH I think I damn long never stone di. Okay well I think I just stoned last night but.. before that, very long never stone! xD

Jeffrey, I sincerely hope that the bottle’s still there when I get back. xD Male male thing right. According to the website, we were legal 2 years ago. HAHAHA.

Sher Wen, actually I didn't name you Apong girl, think Jeff just decided to start. Haha wish me still need to give present baru complete ma! HAHAHA I bet you followed what I said and took that picture by yourself right!

Su Kheng, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Awal to you too. Not nice pic. LOOK AT MY HAIR == 6 birds dead. DAMN CHUN WOOHOOO!! (No I wasn’t being sarcastic) HAHA THE MUG DAMN SAD. And your BM now is probly better. xD No guarantees for the ‘no awkward silences’ bit tho.

Zhen Feng, thanks for coming! Nah didn’t go Club X in the end ): HAHA forgotten to bring my rabbit to bed. It stayed in its.. coffin-like box. xD

Philip, our friendship shall last long. Longer than.. a piece of long string!

Shern Yang, coming to visit me is it? Remember to make appointment first :p Nikon FTW man!!

Choong Hern, ACCENT COOL LA!! Why cannot have? Hahaha only you call me DVD lou I think. COOL when your nephew turns 18.. heh heh heh.

Xian Hui, yup better late than never! :D I think you’re doing to much math, nth shot? HAHAHA okay settle! Dish washer!! xD Yeah, if only.. NEVERMIND! Can always come visit! :D

I believe that covers everyone who posted something right? Yup! Not to forget the others who also wished me, thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou!! :D And yes, I was surprised last night when I went onto MMF. Didn’t expect to see SO MANY POSTS! So yes, I was surprised, happy, and felt the love. WOOHOO!! xD

I will blog bout my birthday celebration here in Melbourne in my blog soon! Been going out alot lately, coming back at night. No, not being naughty. YET. Till then, thanks again everyone!


  1. HI PC, as i said, alvin is not food. hahahah. i bite your ketiak?!? ARE YOU OKAY! this is a very nice post. i like <3

  2. (see pc, my point proven.)

    hope you cried too :D (Y)

    i promise i won't hurt a fly (:

    okay we shall stone when you get back (:

  3. COrrect la PC. Longest title ever (so far) in MMF.
    jenn: "WHO TOLD YOU TO GO MMF. HMM? HMMM!?!?!?!"


  4. SW, I AGREE! Alvin is not food == YOU SEE!! you dont make sense.

    dont kill me tjenn. haha hi jeff.